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  • Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe is a prequel comic series that delves into the history of the Bloodaxe family and the internal conflicts they face before the events of the Rebel Moon film.
  • The comic will explore the personal and familial struggles of the Bloodaxe leaders, Devra and Darrian, as they fight alongside Kora against the tyrannical Mother World. It’s a story of failure and the consequences that come with it.
  • Zack Snyder plans to expand the Rebel Moon universe beyond comics and films, with a video game and tabletop RPG in the works. The complete story of Rebel Moon is set to be massive, with potential for sequels and other media if the movies resonate with viewers.

It’s no secret that Zack Snyder wants to turn Rebel Moon into his own expansive space epic franchise akin to Star Wars. He’s officially taking the first step in making that a reality as Titan Comics has just unveiled a new prequel comic series for the soon-to-be-released film titled Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe. The series features some heavyweight talent behind it too with Snyder crafting the original story while Eisner-nominated writer Mags Visaggio pens the comic, Clark Bint creates the art, and Francesco Segala applies the colors. Issue #1 is slated to release on January 10, 2024.

Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe will explore the history of the Bloodaxe family, giving some backstory for the outlaw leaders Devra (Cleopatra Coleman) and Darrian Bloodaxe (Ray Fisher) who will fight alongside Sofia Boutella‘s hero, Kora, against the tyrannical Mother World. The comic is set five years before the events of Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, following the strife within the Bloodaxe family as war threatens the planet of Shasu and forces the leader of the clan to quell disputes both familial and internal. In the end, he must choose whether to follow in his father’s brutal footsteps or work toward peace. Visaggio called the story a “Shakespearean tragedy… It’s all extremely personal, a family in conflict with its patriarch who is in conflict with himself at a moment when they need to be united. It’s a story about failure and the consequences of failure.”

With the reveal came a look at four stunning covers and a few panels from the upcoming comic. Issue #1 features varying works from artists including Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau and Rafael Albuquerque that show off the brave Bloodaxe warriors as they stand ready to face the coming war. The panels, meanwhile, give a glimpse at the art style as well as the action and conflicts readers can expect to unfold within the prequel story.

What Else Does Zack Snyder Have Planned for ‘Rebel Moon’?

Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon
Image via Netflix

In all, Snyder was thrilled about sharing House of the Bloodaxe with fans, saying in a statement, “I’m excited to collaborate with Mags to explore the rich and complex backstory of the Bloodaxe siblings. In Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe, fans will get to discover their motivation, as well as the genesis of the rebellion.” Comics are only the beginning of his expanded universe, however. After the first part releases on December 22 followed by Part Two: The Scargiver on April 19 on Netflix, he also has plans in place for a video game based in the world of the films. At Gamescom 2023, he revealed a few details including that Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp was behind the project and that it would be set in the aftermath of the two films and allow players to choose their rebel as they fight through either a single-player or cooperative campaign. A Tabletop RPG was also planned, but Netflix is currently embroiled in an ugly legal battle with the creator, Evil Genius.

The complete story of Rebel Moon figures to be massive considering the film had to be split into two parts to accommodate all of Kora’s journey. The film sees her go from outcast and former member of the brutal Imperium army to rebel leader as she gathers warriors from around the galaxy to fight in an all-important war to protect their home against a corrupt regime. Much more of the lore behind each character and location could be explored and expanded on with sequels and other Rebel Moon media courtesy of Snyder and his team, assuming the movies strike a chord with audiences.

Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe issue #1 will arrive on comic book store shelves on January 10, 2024. Read our full guide to Rebel Moon here and check out the covers and panels below.

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