An epic new fanart comic from Daniel McNea casts the X-Men hero Dazzler as the savior of mutantkind, easily defeating the leaders of the villainous anti-mutant agency Orchis. An often underused and underappreciated mutant, Alison Blaire’s Dazzler is one of the most iconic and powerful mutants in X-Men history and deserves more spotlight in modern X-Men comics.

The disturbingly effective Orchis has seen major success in destroying Krakoa, and the mutant’s reputation, in the current Fall of X era, and it began with the brutal murder of Dazzler and other new X-Men at this year’s annual Hellfire Gala.

The beautifully illustrated fan comic – titled “Dazzler Ends Orchis” and shared on X by artist Daniel McNea – highlights Dazzler’s oft-forgotten power of immortality, as well as the Multiversal Dazzler Thor introduced in A-Force #5, wielding her Mjolnir-styled hammer named Lightbringer.

The night of the X-Men’s annual Hellfire Gala was a horrific moment in time for the mutants of Krakoa, with Orchis successfully launching their first major assault against the mutant paradise. After announcing the newly formed X-Men team, made up of all the nominees from this year’s X-Men vote, the mutant-hunting advanced Sentinel called Nimrod burst into the Gala, immediately slaughtering Dazzler and other X-Men like Prodigy and Cannonball. However, Marvel often forgets that earlier in Alison Blaire’s superhero mythos, she was confirmed to be effectively immortal, returning to life several times after being killed by enemies.

While Daniel McNea’s fan comic is not canon, it is possible that Dazzler could return during the Fall of X and help the X-Men take down Orchis once and for all. McNea’s gorgeously illustrated comic, the latest in a long line of astonishing Dazzler fanart from the talented artist, shows Dazzler confronting Director Devo, Doctor Stasis, and Nimrod after already killing the disgusting Feilong. McNea’s dialogue in the short comic is brilliant for all characters involved and includes a truly iconic quote from Dazzler. Not only does McNea show an empowering use of Dazzler’s ability – forcing her enemies to be silent – but he creates two brand-new costumes for Alison and brings back the iconic Thor Dazzler who wields the powerful hammer called Lightbringer.

There is also a chance that Dazzler could be resurrected because of her ambiguous status as a potential “External,” a race of immortal mutants like Apocalypse and Selene. Alison’s status as an External has never been canonically confirmed, but her past immortality hints that this could be possible. If Dazzler did return, it would be amazing to see her wielding Lightbringer and using her light-based powers combined with the dazzling abilities of a Thor-level being, after Lightbringer was last seen in the backseat of Alison’s car in 2018s Dazzler: X-Song #1.

Daniel McNea’s stunning fan comic brings to life a major desire for countless X-Men fans, to see Orchis thoroughly defeated, especially by an iconic and surprising mutant like the fabulous Dazzler. The Fall of X era has seen the X-Men struggling more than they have in years, attacked from every side and fighting for their lives. In their time of great need, they need the return of a powerful and underappreciated mutant hero like Dazzler more than ever to help in the war against Orchis, and Daniel McNea’s impressive fan comic brings that possibility to life in a beautiful way.

Source: Daniel McNea

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