Warning! This article contains spoilers for Sabretooth and the Exiles #5 While Wolverine and Captain America have famously worked together in the past on a number of missions, neither are strangers to the other’s wrath, as they’ve gone head-to-head many times throughout Marvel canon. And now, it looks like they’re about to go to war, as Wolverine is gearing up to fight Captain America in a way that no fan would have ever seen coming.

Wolverine has no shortage of enemies in the current Marvel Comics continuity. Orchis effectively eliminated nearly every mutant on the planet through the manipulation of Charles Xavier, leaving Logan not only stranded and alone, but also perpetually hunted by Nimrod-level Sentinels. Plus, Wolverine just finished tracking down and killing the clones of himself created by Beast (one of which became a Wendigo) with the help of the Hulk, who has a horde of demonic elder horrors coming after him, so who knows how that may impact Logan. Then, to top it all off, Wolverine’s greatest rival himself, Sabretooth, is on his way back to his original Earth to pay an ‘old friend’ a visit, with Wolverine being heavily implied as this ‘old friend’. In fact, it’s Sabretooth’s return that will spark Wolverine’s unexpected war with Captain America, as it’s Sabretooth himself who’s bringing Captain America with him. Well, a version of Captain America, anyway. One who is both a multiversal variant of the fan-favorite super-soldier and – that’s right – Sabretooth.

In Sabretooth and the Exiles #5 by Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk, it’s revealed that Sabretooth has collected a small army of his variants from across the multiverse, and is headed back to Earth for that aforementioned reunion with his ‘old friend’. This series was the prelude to an upcoming Marvel Comics events known as the Sabretooth War, which will kick off in Wolverine #41 and #42 in January 2024. With all of this information, it can be confidently surmised that Sabretooth will be attacking Wolverine with his Sabretooth army, of which the Captain America/Sabretooth variant is a member. This means it is more than likely fans will get to see this version of Captain America going toe-to-toe with Wolverine in a brawl that’s sure to be as epic as it will be brutal.

Even though Wolverine and the original Captain America have fought on more than one occasion, this potential battle during the upcoming Sabretooth War will be Wolverine’s toughest fight against the super-soldier yet. Sure, Captain America is a great fighter with battle experience that almost no one can match, but this Sabretooth variant has the exact same experience from his own universe, with the added benefit of all the original Sabretooth’s powers. Sabretooth’s biggest flaw has always been his unthinking, animalistic style of combat, as his bloodthirsty nature drives his every maneuver, making him a fairly easy opponent to beat. However, this Sabretooth has the discipline of Steve Rogers, the healing factor of Sabretooth, and the brutal fighting skills of both of them combined.

While this will be yet another fight between Captain America and Wolverine, it will be like nothing fans have ever seen from one of their past conflicts before, as this upcoming war between them comes with a deadly Sabretooth-sized twist that absolutely no one saw coming.

Sabretooth and the Exiles #5 by Marvel Comics is available now.

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