Wolverine and Batman are known for their brutal efficiency in battle, but how would they fair on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange? New cosplay from Batsturd shows off Wall Street tycoon versions of both heroes. The results are surprisingly effective versions of the characters that are just begging for a Wall Street-style showdown between the Marvel and DC heroes.

Shared via Instagram, Batsturd shows a keen sense of style for both characters. Wolverine’s sporting a stylish brown leather jacket and driving gloves, with a matching leather tie to boot. Also sporting a screen-ready mask, this version of Logan is enjoying a cigar presumably after slicing up the competition following a hard day’s trade.

Batsturd’s cosplay of the Dark Knight is a bit more stripped down, taking a coffee and smoke break in a dress shirt-and-tie combo, looking ready to chew someone out in his beautifully sculpted mask.

Notably, this version of Batman is packing heat, armed with a shoulder holster showing off twin automatics on either side. While Batman’s no-gun rule is pretty unshakable in the main continuity, perhaps Bruce Wayne just doesn’t know how else to deal with brokers on Wall Street. It’s not an altogether foreign concept: Batman carried a gun in his earliest appearances in Detective Comics, and various Elseworlds and other out-of-continuity stories have presented the Dark Knight making use of firearms on occasion. If nothing else, it completes the look of Batsturd’s cosplay, giving this version of Batman something besides just a mask and a necktie.

Batsturd’s Wolverine cosplay would also feel right at home in the mean streets of the 1970s, the decade in which the character made his debut. It’s all about the brown leather jacket and tie, with Logan’s crazy patterned shirt completing the seventies look. The cigar is also worth noting, as the 2000s saw Marvel put a ban on all its heroes smoking. Wolverine hasn’t smoked a cigar in the comics for decades at this point, although the character could be seen enjoying a stogie in his filmed portrayals by Hugh Jackman from time to time.

Wolverine and Batman have never officially crossed paths in any significant way during any of the previous intercompany crossovers, but they were combined into the Amalgam Comics hero Dark Claw during the Marvel vs. DC event from the 1990s. Dark Claw appeared in a handful of comics, but hasn’t been seen since the ’90s. Sadly, any Wall Street-inspired team up between Wolverine and Batman seems highly unlikely given the corporate overlords of both Marvel and DC nowadays, but in the realm of fan cosplay like Batsturd’s, the sky is the limit.

Source: Batsturd via Instagram (1, 2)

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