• The current season of Welcome To Plathville has seen a shift in tone, with the focus now on Olivia and Ethan’s rocky relationship.
  • The interpersonal drama within the Plath family may influence the future of the show, potentially leading to either its renewal or cancellation.
  • While it’s uncertain if Welcome To Plathville will return for another season, the current season is captivating viewers and suggests that the series won’t be canceled anytime soon.



Welcome To Plathville season 5 has been exciting for viewers who are enjoying seeing the fractures in the family structure, but will the current season be the last for the Plath family? The current season of Welcome To Plathville has been a huge shift for viewers, who are used to watching the Plath family operating as a complete unit. After Kim Plath and Barry Plath’s divorce, things changed for the family. Though they’d been living their lives as Christian Fundamentalists for the majority of the series, things shifted once Kim and Barry chose to separate, and the show has been different ever since.

While Welcome To Plathville season 5 has been enjoyable for viewers, the shift in the show’s tone has been jarring. While Kim and Barry navigate their lives separately, the family has been moving their focus to Olivia Plath, the wife of Ethan Plath. Ethan and Olivia’s relationship has been rocky recently, and while the couple seems happy enough on Welcome To Plathville, their lives have been playing out somewhat differently on social media. With Kim and Barry’s split and Olivia and Ethan potentially separating as well, things have changed for Welcome To Plathville and may impact the show’s future.

Is Welcome To Plathville Canceled?

Olivia and ethan from Welcome to Plathville

While it isn’t yet confirmed whether Welcome To Plathville will be continuing or ending, the series has been a huge success for the network. With the drama within the Plath family ramping up, it’s possible that the series could be renewed before the end of the season, or the drama could influence the opposite entirely. The series has documented Kim and Barry’s split as best it can, but with Ethan and Olivia getting rocky, it’s possible the show could be uninterested in following so many separate stories. The messy interpersonal relationships make for a great series, but may push Welcome To Plathville season 5 to be the show’s last.

Could Welcome To Plathville Return For Another Season?

Although the drama on Welcome To Plathville season 5 could be too much for the show to continue to follow after this season, it’s also possible that the drama could be too juicy for the series to miss out on. After following the Plath family for so many years, stopping the show after the current season could be a tough call. Leaving viewers without a satisfying conclusion to the drama playing out in the Plath’s lives would be a disservice, leaving everyone out of the loop. It’s possible that if it exists, Welcome To Plathville season 6 could document Ethan and Olivia’s lives as they begin to live them separately.

While Ethan and Olivia have yet to speak on the status of their relationship, their split would be fascinating for viewers and would likely be a big part of Welcome To Plathville getting renewed. Though there hasn’t been any confirmation of Welcome To Plathville season 6, the current season is captivating viewers and doesn’t seem to be slowing down as the episodes continue to roll out. It’s likely that there will be another season of Welcome To Plathville in the future, meaning the series probably isn’t being canceled any time soon.

Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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