Over the past month, Linear Finance’s native coin, LINA, has seen a significant 67% drop in price. This decline comes at a time when the broader crypto market has been generally optimistic due to hints from the Federal Reserve Chair about a potential pause in interest rate hikes.

Challenges for Linear Finance and Its Native Token

Linear Finance, a decentralized delta-one asset protocol with cross-chain compatibility, offers users synthetic exposure to a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, and market indices. 

LINA, the native token of Linear Finance, serves multiple roles, primarily as collateral for minting LUSD, the protocol’s stablecoin.

However, LINA’s price has been on a persistent descent, currently hovering at $0.00836. This has ignited concerns among investors and the broader crypto community, with experts identifying several factors contributing to this downward trend.

Why is LINA’s Value Sinking in the Linear Finance Ecosystem?

On September 21, 2023, the protocol was the target of an exploit attack, casting a dark shadow over the fate of LINA. Eventually, some malicious actors successfully infiltrated the system during the ℓAAVE listing, allowing them to create an infinite supply of ℓAAVE tokens. 

And, to make matters worse, there’s an ongoing investigation to find the person who did this, and they’re trying to freeze assets connected to it. This uncertainty has, in turn, led to a lack of confidence in the security and stability of the protocol.

These events have undeniably had a profound impact on LINA’s value, causing it to plummet from $0.00103 despite the prevailing positive crypto market sentiment surrounding the Federal Reserve Chair’s indications of a pause in interest rate hikes.

As a result, investors and the Linear Finance community eagerly await updates on the ongoing investigation, hoping for clarity in these turbulent times.

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