A TikTok beef several months in the making may lead to the cancelation of a unique, but presently unpopular, creator.

Lauren the Mortician doesn’t fall into the top ten — or top 20 — TikTok creators, but she does have a following more than 2.5 million strong. Lauren Eliza is a mortician who leans on TikTok to share stories about her job, tantalizes morbid users with grim tales, and spreads warnings about dangers many parents are unaware of. A parent herself, Eliza pays special attention to the small bodies that come through her day job and helps spread awareness of the dangers of seemingly inane products, behaviors, and everyday happenings.

Through this formula, Eliza’s TikTok and Instagram pages have built up solid followings. She also participates in podcasts, like the Dumb Blonde podcast, and shares interesting, funny, or informative tales of her unique career. Despite her overall popularity and seemingly helpful social media aims, Eliza’s TikTok page @lovee.miss.lauren is at risk of being canceled by the wider web.

Is Lauren the Mortician getting canceled?

It’s hard to say if Lauren the Mortician is actually at risk of getting canceled. Part of this is due to the nebulous definition of the term, which typically relates to people with much larger platforms than Eliza’s. Don’t get me wrong, 2.6 million TikTok followers is by no means small, but it doesn’t add up to the likes of a Jeffree Star or Logan Paul. Those TikTokers have name recognition beyond the bounds of the app, and thus face a risk of much broader public rejection.

Numerous people are lashing out at Eliza in the wake of a recent beef between her and another creator. Eliza’s reaction to the other creator — and in particular her dogged pursuit of him — is rubbing many people the wrong way, and prompting calls for her cancelation.

Why is she getting canceled?

The actual reason behind those calls for Lauren the Mortician’s cancelation is a protracted beef between the creator and fellow TikToker Jamie Grayson. Grayson is a certified CPST, or Child Passenger Safety Technician, and has been using his platform, for years to share information about baby gear and safety.

It seems Eliza and Grayson became at odds when Eliza pushed back on Grayson’s claims about car seat safety. As a CPST, Grayson commonly shares informative posts about which car seats are safest, how to properly use car seats, and how to reduce risk when using them. Essentially his entire platform is dedicated to this, and similar, content, and it’s worth noting that he also sells many of the gear he chats about on his platform. It’s part of the job, according to several informative uploads on his page.

Eliza seemingly disagreed with one of Grayson’s videos and started blasting him over on her own page. Grayson, in response, noted that — while it’s true Eliza understands certain risks, due to the nature of her job — she is less informed about child passenger safety than him. Eliza didn’t take this well and ramped up her campaign against him. She continued to post content, both on TikTok and on other social media, dragging Grayson for months after the initial beef concluded. She’s still up to it now, as a matter of fact, and people are souring on the whole ordeal.

That includes Grayson, who seems entirely annoyed by the entire situation. He’s tried to squash it at several points, but Eliza seems determined to see the argument continue. It seems to be her most recent bout of lashing out that led to those calls for cancelation, after Eliza posted about trusting a childless man to inform you about child safety.

Many people took issue with her claiming a professional without children doesn’t understand his child-related field, and some even complained of homophobic and transphobic undertones in some of her videos. That’s on top of her apparent attempts to present herself as an expert on all things child safety, despite holding no actual, concrete expertise in the area.

All of this has led to a sudden and broad backlash. While many of her fans remain on Eliza’s side, quite a few people are ditching the creator for less problematic pastures. That’s compounded by the fact that Eliza refuses to let the topic die — if she left it behind, her followers would too. Her fixation on the beef allows it to dominate people’s interactions with her, and each fresh return of the issue cements her more, in some people’s minds at least, as the bad guy.

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