Another Thursday night meant another Big Brother 25 houseguest was sent to the Jury house, and after, a contestant ascended the Head of Household’s throne.

Season 25 has brought very few live Head of Household competitions. But thanks to the feeds, we know who captured the powerful position.

Once again, it was Jagateshwar Bains, the 25-year-old truck company owner better known as “Jag.”

So, what happened on Thursday night and why was Jag, the outgoing Head of Household, allowed to compete for it again? Let’s dive into the end of week 11 and the start of week 12.

The season’s final showmance was split up by Jag’s ‘invisible’ Head of Household

Week 11 brought us two twists from the “Comicverse,” and one of them led to the demise of Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez’s showmance. First, Jag became the week’s “invisible” Head of Household. What that meant was all of the houseguests who competed for the top spot did so in private, and the winner was secretly crowned by production.

It was up to Jag who knew about his first Head of Household reign, and by the end of the week, everybody and their grandmother knew.

Jag originally nominated Blue Kim and Felicia Cannon for eviction, with his former BFF Blue being his main target. But, after the second twist played out — two Power of Vetos were up for grabs — the house was turned on its head.

Jag and Blue ultimately snatched the two golden necklaces, and the latter was saved from the threat of eviction. Jag needed to replace Blue’s nomination, and after being hit with information about Cory and America playing all sides of the house, Jag and his main ally Matt Klotz devised a plan to blindside the duo. At the Power of Veto ceremony, Blue saved herself, and Jag used his Veto on Felicia.

With two open spots, America and Cory were summoned to the block by a narrator — even though everybody knew Jag was the Head of Household, the invisible twist kept rolling. What followed were fireworks, specifically from America, who felt the betrayal by the “Minute Men,” but mostly, she was devastated knowing her time with Cory inside the Big Brother house was running out.

Although Cory spent the rest of his days trying to win over three votes — what he needed to have a majority — he was the clear target. And when the Oct. 19 eviction rolled around, Cory knew he would be joining his nemesis, Cameron Hardin, as a juror.

Like almost every eviction, Cory was sent packing unanimously by a 5-0 vote.

Jag earned his second straight Head of Household and he nominated two houseguests

With the 22-year-old college student’s departure, seven contestants remain in the game: Jag, America, Blue, Matt, Felicia, Cirie Fields, and Bowie Jane Ball. Once Thursday night’s eviction episode ended, all seven vied for Head of Household to secure themselves a one-in-six shot at winning $750,000.

Typically, the outgoing Head of Household isn’t allowed to compete the next go-around. But, because of the invisible Head of Household twist, Jag didn’t have to abide by the all-important rule.

And as history has it, he beat out the rest and received the private suite’s key for the second time in a row. The win was Jag’s sixth overall (two Head of Households and four Power of Vetos), making him the biggest competition threat remaining in the game.

Many watching at home viewed a Matt-Jag-Bowie win as the likely catalyst to America’s game coming to a close. But, that may not be the case.

Like last week, Jag has set his sights on Blue. He told Matt right away that he wanted to take out the 25-year-old brand strategist, fearing that she is a much more competent competition threat than America. He first played around with the idea of nominating Blue beside Felicia — the two he originally put up last week — but, he figured having Blue sitting beside America would be best for his game, especially if American won the Veto.

The nomination ceremony took place on Oct. 20 and once the feeds came back, Blue and America took up residence on the chopping block.

At the time of this writing, Blue believes America is Matt, Jag, and the rest of the cast’s main target. And for America, she’s promised Jag and Matt that they won’t see the nomination chairs if they keep her around this week and she wins the following Head of Household.

However, there’s still nearly a week left before Oct. 26’s double eviction, and the Power of Veto needs to be played for. At this point, it’s likely either Blue or America will leave, regardless of who wins the Veto. But, it’s Big Brother and anything could happen — so, only time will tell!

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