The upcoming episode of 48 Hours on CBS will examine the horrifying case of serial killer Bryan Patrick Miller, aka The Zombie Hunter. This episode, titled “Unmasking the Zombie Hunter”, will focus on how Miller took the lives of two innocent young women. It will air on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET.

Between November 1992 and September 1993, Phoenix was plagued by the brutal murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas. In November 1992, a 22-year-old Brosso vanished during a bike ride and was later found decapitated. Then in September 1993, Bernas, a student, also fell victim to the same killer while riding her bike near a canal. These gruesome crimes committed by the aforementioned serial killer involved sexual assault and the use of a knife. The law enforcement officials discovered Bernas’ body about 1.5 miles away from Brosso’s remains.

Serial killer Bryan Patrick Miller is also known as the Zombie Hunter in Phoenix’s sci-fi and horror community. This notoriety stems from the fact that Miller would dress up as a fictional apocalyptic character at conventions.

Bryan Patrick Miller, the Zombie Hunter serial killer, sentenced to death in Arizona

The terrifying murders of the two girls – Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas – shocked the entire nation, and serial killer Miller was arrested. Interestingly, the authorities arrested the culprit after conducting a sting operation on Miller. They obtained Miller’s DNA from a mug he used at a restaurant, as per the Arizona Republic. And, the DNA match led to the arrest of Bryan Patrick Miller and the trial of the double-murder case finally began.

Through the trial, people got to know more about the Zombie Hunter. And, it was revealed that the serial killer Bryan Patrick Miller had a “psycho mother”. Also, as per his neighbors, Miller never got a chance to develop his social skills. Bryan Patrick Miller, aka The Zombie Hunter, was convicted on April, 2023, and he received two death sentences for both the murders.

According to Arizona’s Department of Corrections, the serial killer is currently serving his sentence at the Eyman Complex of Arizona State Prison.

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