• Creed McKinnon gained notoriety as the villain of Too Hot To Handle season 4 but is thriving in his post-reality TV fame, with a blossoming career and plenty of attention from women.
  • Despite his negative fan reception, Creed has formed close friendships with his fellow cast members, especially the male contestants, while former love interest Sophie appears to be on the outskirts of the group.
  • While Creed has been seen hanging out with Imogen after the show, she has since moved on and even has a baby, indicating that Creed has not settled on one woman and continues to indulge in his playboy ways.



Creed McKinnon may have been kicked off of Too Hot To Handle season 4 just before the finale, but he appears to be faring well in the real world. The 25-year-old Australian player enjoyed his time in Lana’s villa despite learning nothing on the hit Netflix dating show. Despite his lack of growth, Creed is doing quite well after becoming a reality TV villain. As fans await Too Hot To Handle season 6, it’s time to revisit the Australian hottie.

Creed was an obvious pick for Too Hot To Handle season 4 villain. He was enormously relieved when now 23-year-old British sweetheart Sophie Stonehouse decided to stay with him rather than leave for a new man, but he dumped her the instant 26-year-old Peruvian bombshell Flavia Laos Urbina expressed a desire to date him. Creed then became public enemy number one when he played Flavia and continued to lie to her so he could pursue newcomer and fellow Australian Imogen Ewan after he also fell for the 25-year-old beauty. While fans panned Creed, he appears just fine post-show.

Creed McKinnon Bounced Back After Too Hot To Handle

Seb Melrose looking at the camera and Creed McKinnon looking off in the distance from Too Hot To Handle season 4 in front of blue water.

Creed played fan-favorite cast member Sophie, and he was dragged for it. However, he seems very popular with his fellow cast members. The villainous Australian cast member was close to Seb Melrose and appears to have buddied up with the other men in the house, such as Nigel Jones, Ethan Smith, and winner Nick Kici. Surprisingly, Sophie seems to be on the outskirts of the group, while Creed has been fully embraced.

Is Creed McKinnon Dating After Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle Creed McKinnon

Despite Creed becoming the playboy of Too Hot To Handle season 4, he caught the attention of three gorgeous women on the island. He is now commenting on all of their content, though Sophie seems to want nothing to do with him, and Flavia appears to have a new man. While Creed and Imogen were spotted hanging out after the show, she has since moved on and even has a baby. There’s no indication Creed has given up his playboy ways and settled on one woman, though his modeling career has taken off.

Overall, Creed’s career has blossomed since Too Hot To Handle season 4. He doesn’t seem bothered by his negative fan reception and is thriving in his post-reality TV fame. Creed doesn’t have many reasons to regret his behavior since he has fame, attention, and plenty of women, thanks to filming Too Hot To Handle season 4.

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