Here is the Gen V Episode 6 ending explained, consisting of major spoilers. Dive into our breakdown and find answers to the cliffhanger ending and its repercussions in The Boys universe.

Gen V Episode 6 Ending Explained

What does the virus do to Supes in Gen V episode 6?

Dr. Cardosa’s virus suppresses the abilities of Supes, and a higher dosage could infect and even kill them for good.

Towards the beginning of episode 6, Dr. Cardosa’s virus showed the effects of his virus upon a Supe kid. She wasn’t able to use her electrical abilities as the virus injected into her body got infused with Compound V and dampened her powers. Another attribute of the virus is that it doesn’t affect regular humans at all.

With Cardosa’s virus, Vought could curb and control the abilities of someone like Homelander and other heroes. But Dean Shetty asked Cardosa to increase the dosage of the virus and see what happens.

The ending of episode 6 revealed that increasing the dose was enough to kill the Supe kid. Seeing the results, Dean Shetty asked Cardosa if he could make it contagious and the credits began to roll.

A contagious virus like that could arm humans against out-of-control Supes. Not only would this have huge implications in the next two Gen V episodes, but the ramifications of this virus could also be seen in The Boys Season 4. If it falls into the hands of someone like Billy Butcher, the existence of the entire Supe-kind could be endangered.

What’s next for Marie and the others?

Episode 6 dived deeper into Cate’s past and put her on a redemption arc.

Marie, Jordan, Andre, Emma, Sam, and Cate are now united to take on Dean Shetty and stop her illegal experimentation on Supe-kids.

The bonus trailer for episode 7 teased their efforts to expose Shetty and stop her once and for all. So, that’s what we’ll see from here on out. However, seeing how Dean Shetty uses Cardosa’s contagious Supe virus against Team Marie will be interesting.

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