The latest cryptocurrency to capture the attention of the crypto market is Surf Reward. A unique Surf-to-Earn mechanism is behind the new crypto coin’s popularity. 

The project allows users to watch ads for money, but without disrupting their internet experience. 

Crypto with Scope for Mainstream Adoption 

The utility and market relevance of most cryptocurrencies are confined to the crypto market. They have little scope for mainstream adoption as their solutions don’t apply to real-world problems. Most people discredit cryptocurrencies as hollow assets for this reason.

We need cryptocurrencies with real-world relevance and utility to bring Web3 to the mainstream. Only then can the industry as a whole grow and expand into new territories. 

Surf Reward is a good example. 

Ads are an annoyance that people from around the world have to deal with. They make internet surfing a hassle. While digital ads aim to take a product or project to more people and increase brand loyalty, it backfires when the frequency goes overboard. 

For businesses, the persistent ads come at a cost. 

Get Paid to Watch Ads with Surf Reward

Surf Reward is a new Web3 extension that allows users to watch ads and earn money. But it distinguishes itself from other apps that offer a similar service. 

To begin with, Surf Reward is not intrusive. 

The platform doesn’t require you to put up with endless annoying ads to earn money in peanuts. That’s not how it works. Instead, it has a curated list of ads sourced from advertising partners. They are shown to you based on your preferences. 

Since the extension also works as an ad-blocker, you only see ads from Surf Reward’s partners. More importantly, you can decide the number of ads you want to see in a given amount of time. That way, you have control over the income you earn, as well as your internet user experience. 

Rewards are Paid in SURF Tokens 

Surf Reward pays rewards in the native crypto token $SURF. It fuels the ecosystem by facilitating all payments and rewards. The cryptocurrency can be bought and sold on public crypto exchanges after the ongoing presale. 

During the presale, $SURF tokens will be available for purchase at heavily discounted prices. The project is building momentum in the crypto community due to its relevant utility and growth potential. 

The Surf2Earn extension, being compatible with all major web browsers, doesn’t require users to change their browser or pattern of browsing. 


Individual Advertising Spaces

Let’s see how Surf Reward benefits brands and advertisers. 

As discussed above, persistent ads do more harm than good to brands and businesses. Annoying ads kill brand loyalty. When ads become too frequent, users opt for ad-blockers which close the gateway completely. Browsers also offer the option to block a particular ad or ads from a particular company. 

When it comes to Surf Reward, users opt to watch ads for money, which increases their attention span and loyalty. More importantly, they don’t approach the ads with prejudice. 

Another challenge is the long web of middlemen who snatch a giant share of the advertising budget. Although digital advertising is affordable for small-scale and medium-scale businesses in theory, the unfair commission charged by middlemen forces them to settle for ads of sub-par quality. 

Surf Reward cuts out intermediaries from the equation and exchanges individual advertising spaces with its advertising partners. Encouraged by the unique value propositions of the project, more than 3000 advertising partners have joined the network. 

The Added Benefits 

There are more benefits to installing the Surf Reward extension than just as a means to get paid to watch ads. It is dedicated to making the online surfing experience more enjoyable and secure. 

To begin with, Surf Reward safeguards your privacy by disabling tracking functions. 

All unwanted ads are blocked, thus facilitating a clutter-free browsing experience. Surf-to-Earn extension noticeably increases the page loading time too. It prevents your data from being extracted and used without your consent.

Finally, Surf Reward gives you the flexibility to determine the number of ads you wish to see in a day, allowing you to take control of your earning potential as well as the browsing experience.

All the rewards that you earn by watching ads can be tracked from your Surf Reward dashboard. 

$SURF is a Promising Investment This Year

An analysis of the Surf Reward website, roadmap, and white paper reveals that the project has the potential to reshape our understanding of online advertising and monetization.

Surf Reward not only gives users an avenue to earn money by watching ads, but also reduces the volume of advertisements they are subjected to. It gives them a more curated and controlled selection of ads. 

The project has the potential to become the next big thing in crypto. Early investment in Surf Reward is opened through $SURF tokens, which are now available for discounted prices at the presale. 


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