VMware has recently made headlines on Google News due to ransomware attacks targeting the company. This development has left its customers feeling uneasy and prompted them to search for alternative products that are more secure.

The increasing licensing costs have only intensified the quest for alternative virtualization software. Customers are now grappling with the perception that the expenses associated with VMware outweigh the benefits. In fact, a staggering 77% of respondents have expressed reservations about entering into future agreements with the software giant.

VergeIO, a company that has dedicated resources to investigating the impact of rising costs associated with VMware software, has revealed in its report that renewal quotes and licensing agreements based on a “Per-Core” model are expected to decline in the coming year. The growing expenditure on this software is causing additional strain on annual IT budgets.

Remarkably, the quality of customer support provided by VMware has also come under scrutiny, with 66% of users expressing dissatisfaction with the current technical support. They feel that the service levels offered by customer support leave much to be desired.

Furthermore, a significant 70% of survey participants admitted that the rising costs were anticipated, especially after VMware officially announced its acquisition by Broadcom in April 2022.

Now, the burning question is whether VMware customers can swiftly find a suitable replacement.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The Palo Alto-based company offers computer software compatible with MS Windows, Linux, and MacOS that is renowned for its excellence and compatibility with in-house hardware. This reputation persists even after VMware garnered attention for the Log4shell vulnerability, which was exploited by the Lazarus hacking group early this year.


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