The world premiere of the new Kevin Spacey movie has been canceled by one London theater wanting to disassociate themselves from the actor.

Kevin Spacey

After Kevin Spacey was found not guilty this summer over sex offenses, the two-time Oscar winner was ready for his comeback. But things aren’t going to be easy for Spacey, as the venue set to hold the world premiere of his next movie has bowed out, saying they only now found out he was in it — and it’s only his voice.

London’s Prince Charles Cinema has made it clear that Control, which features Kevin Spacey as The Voice (how the mighty have fallen…), is not welcome. In a letter sent from the theater’s owner, Greg Lynn, to Control’s producer, Lauren Metcalfe, Lynn wrote, “Last night it came to our attention that your film features Kevin Spacey, in particular his first film since the court case…My staff as well as I are horrified that we are being mentioned in the same breath as his new film for the premiere.”

Metcalfe – who has successfully booked a cinema a little more than six kilometers away – in response told The Telegraph, “It was very shocking given that Kevin has been cleared. He has been proven to be innocent and who are they to say otherwise? Kevin Spacey has done nothing wrong.” Spacey’s attorney added his disgust with, “Mr. Spacey has proven his innocence in every courtroom in which he has appeared. Every juror who has considered the evidence against him has unanimously rejected the false allegations. The Prince Charles Cinema’s decision to censor Kevin’s exciting new project is beyond disappointing. It rejects the legal process of two countries, ignores the overwhelming evidence of Kevin’s innocence, and disregards the sacrifice of dozens of impartial jurors who found Kevin 100% innocent.”

This raises an interesting situation. Even though Kevin Spacey was cleared of all nine charges of incidents relating to sexual misconduct, the Prince Charles Cinema does have every right to want to distance themselves from the disgraced actor. At the same time, this may be seen as encouraging an endless cycle, perhaps suggesting that he will always be guilty in the public eye no matter what a court says.

In Control, Kevin Spacey voices “a menacing presence who manages to hijack a government official’s smart car in order to exact revenge.”

What do you think of the world premiere of Kevin Spacey’s new movie getting canceled? Is it a good decision or part of a slippery slope? Give us your take in the comments section below.

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