This freshly launched, comprehensive trend management platform goes beyond mere data aggregation — it turns complex data into actionable business insights. Melding an intuitive, cutting-edge design with robust backend capabilities, TrendFeedr serves as a guiding force for anyone seeking to navigate the complex landscape of trend discovery, analysis, and collection.

Why TrendFeedr is a Game-Changer?

TrendFeedr isn’t just another trend analysis platform; it’s a revolution in how we understand and leverage business and technological trends. With its powerful AI, the platform has identified over 203+ megatrends from an extensive database of 1.37 million topics worldwide. Just last month, TrendFeedr screened 5,631 new topics, pinpointed 74+ future trends and technologies, and highlighted 41,000+ high-growth companies shaping these emerging patterns. These metrics underscore its exceptional capability to keep businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs consistently ahead of the curve.



Dive deep into each industry trend with TrendFeedr


What is TrendFeedr’s Mission?

TrendFeedr’s primary goal is to keep businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs a step ahead. The platform’s proprietary Trend Intelligence Graph and AI capabilities identify emerging mega-trends and technologies before they hit the mainstream, offering a competitive edge. Currently, TrendFeedr covers over 200+ mega-trends and 20,000+ emerging technology and industry trends globally.

Who Can Benefit from TrendFeedr?

1. Corporates

In today’s fast-paced business environment, corporates need to be agile and adaptive. TrendFeedr provides them with the tools to analyze trends, take deep dives into specific industries, and manage emerging technologies with ease. No more cluttered lists; corporates can now stay on top of what’s crucial for their business.

2. Investors

For investors, timing is everything. TrendFeedr’s state-of-the-art tools and AI-powered capabilities ensure that they can track trends, evaluate their developments, and capitalize on new market opportunities before anyone else.

3. Entrepreneurs

In the world of startups, being innovative is the key to success. Entrepreneurs can benefit from TrendFeedr by unlocking everything they need to succeed in today’s business world. From trend visualization to personalized visualization and exportable lists, entrepreneurs can streamline their workflow and leverage the full potential of emerging trends.

Key Features of TrendFeedr

  • Trend Discovery & Intelligence: Deep dive into over 200 mega-trends, featuring firmographic insights into more than 3.7 million high-growth companies.
  • Trend Clustering, Analysis & Comparison: Explore, collect, and categorize large topic clusters, comparing them across 28 essential metrics including size, maturity, growth, revenue, funding, news coverage, and hype indicators.
  • Custom Trend Visualization: Export identified trends and generate customized visualizations and lists tailored to their specific needs.

Key Takeaways

TrendFeedr redefines the landscape of trend management and discovery, setting it apart as a transformative platform in the industry. Its features are tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate giants, investment-savvy individuals, and entrepreneurial trailblazers alike.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: TrendFeedr’s core mission is to arm its users with the tools and insights they need to identify and capitalize on emerging trends before they hit the mainstream.
  • Diverse Applications: Whether it’s for big corporations, vigilant investors, or disruptive entrepreneurs, TrendFeedr delivers tailored solutions for every player in the market.
  • Essential Features: Offering everything from AI-powered trend discovery to customized visualizations, TrendFeedr equips users with a comprehensive suite of tools designed for success.

Its highlighting features, from trend discovery to custom visualization, ensure that users have all the tools they need to succeed. In an ever-changing market where being on the right trend could be the difference between boom and bust, platforms like TrendFeedr transition from being merely beneficial to absolutely essential.

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