Despite the pandemic contributing to an estimated loss of $150 million that secured it a place in infamy as one of the biggest box office bombs in the history of cinema, Dwayne Johnson nonetheless confirmed that a Jungle Cruise sequel was in early development shortly after its release.

Like many of The Rock’s prospective follow-ups before it, though, we haven’t heard anything since. Not that the project failing to gather any momentum has prevented the gang from getting back together, with the three key players behind the theme park adaptation reuniting for Prime Video’s true-life biographical thriller Kate Warne.

Dwayne Johnson and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise
Photo via Disney

It was first announced back in the summer of 2021 that Johnson’s Seven Bucks would be bringing the story of the title character – who became the first woman of the Pinkerton Detective Agency after joining the organization in 1865 – to the screen for Amazon and MGM, with Emily Blunt attached to co-produce and potentially play the lead role.

That remains the case, but the Jungle Cruise get-together has been completed after Jaume Collet-Serra was hired to fill the director’s chair, marking his latest collaboration with Johnson following Black Adam. Of course, the DC Comics adaptation was also a notable misfire in theaters, but maybe third time will mark the charm.

It’s unlikely that the A-list megastar will get involved on-camera considering he’d stick out like a sore thumb in a period piece rooted in history given his gargantuan dimensions, but as anyone that’s seen Prime Video’s The English will know fine well, Blunt is a dab hand at delivering the goods in this particular arena.

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