There are a lot of people out there struck with fear at the very prospect of not even interacting with their ex, but simply encountering them out in the world. Dwayne Johnson most definitely isn’t one of those people, with his former spouse Dany Garcia becoming a powerhouse in her own right.

The pair met as students at the University of Miami back in the early 1990s, before getting married in 1997 and announcing their amicable divorce a decade later. In between, the couple welcomed daughter Simone in 2001, currently making history by following in her father’s footsteps and becoming the first fourth-generation professional wrestler in WWE.

dwayne johnson hobbs and shaw
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The very same year Johnson and Garcia’s divorce was finalized, she began managing her career, before carving out a business empire of her own. In 2012, they co-founded Seven Bucks Productions and resurrected the XFL for a third time in what might prove to be a questionable decision, while the latter has since branched out into talent management (with Henry Cavill one of her clients), as well as launching lifestyle and fashion brand GSTQ.

Garcia has now become the subject of a deep dive documentary set to air on ESPN tonight, and as you’d expect given their formidable business partnership that’s found massive global success on a number of levels, Johnson couldn’t be more thrilled.

A keen bodybuilder as well, there are limitless strings to Garcia’s bow, and she’s proven herself countless times over as being far more than just “The Rock’s ex-wife and business partner.”

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