• Sea Queen is the Group B Wildcard contestant on The Masked Singer season 10’s Harry Potter Night.
  • Sea Queen will compete against Hawk, Husky, and Tiki, who made their debuts on Elton John Night.
  • Harry Potter Night will be magical, featuring performances from Group B contestants, a special appearance by a Masked Singer season 2 alum, and the panelists dressed in Harry Potter costumes.



The Masked Singer season 10’s Harry Potter Night will introduce a Group B Wildcard contestant, Sea Queen, who will compete against Hawk, Husky, and Tiki. Group B premiered on The Masked Singer‘s “A Celebration of Elton John” Night, with Hawk, Husky, Tiki, and Royal Hen singing hits from the music icon’s classic catalog. At the end of the episode, Royal Hen was revealed to be legendary tennis player and activist Billie Jean King.

Now Sea Queen will take her place in the competition. In The Masked Singer season 10‘s Harry Potter Night promo (shared by Masked Clips on YouTube), Sea Queen is revealed as the Group B Wildcard contestant.

Sea Queen is a blue and white creature, with a white face and white ears with pink insides. She’s wearing a blue and silver sequined outfit, with blue spikes on her shoulders and head. In The Masked Singer season 10 clip, panelist Nicole Scherzinger, dressed in a Hogwarts uniform, declares, “Sea Queen put a spell on all of us!” Sea Queen’s voice isn’t heard in the teaser, but, based on Nicole’s reaction, her performance must be magical.

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Harry Potter Night Features Return Of Masked Singer Season 2 Alum

The Masked Singer Season 10's Sea Monster singing

In addition to performances from the Group B contestants, Harry Potter Night welcomes back The Masked Singer season 2 third-place finisher Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, who was Flamingo. She’ll return to The Masked Singer stage with a performance. Also, the Hogwarts Sorting Hat will make a special appearance on the show, sorting the contestants into their Hogwarts houses. The panelists will be dressed in Harry Potter costumes, including Ken Jeong as Professor Severus Snape.

The Masked Singer season 10 has already featured several exciting themes, including NFL, 2000’s, and Elton John Nights. After Harry Potter Night, viewers can look forward to Trolls (to celebrate the November release of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls Band Together), One Hit Wonders, Disco, I Wanna Rock, and Soundtrack Of My Life Nights. Harry Potter Night is certain to enchant everyone as the contestants put their spells on the audience with their performances.

Sea Queen is a beautiful costume that dazzles. She’s the perfect addition to perform on Harry Potter Night. It’ll be intriguing to hear her voice because she’s been one of the more mysterious contestants since the season began. Sea Queen will have a lot of competition as Hawk, Husky, and Tiki wowed everyone with their impressive vocals on Elton John Night. The Masked Singer‘s Harry Potter Night is sure to be a very magical episode.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.

Source: Masked Clips/YouTube

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