Some good news finally went the way of The Marvels when revised box office projections painted a much rosier picture than the initial estimates, which placed the long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel in danger of securing the franchise’s worst-ever domestic opening weekend.

While something is going to have to go disastrously wrong between now and then for Nia DaCosta’s cosmic caper to sink as low as $50 million, its current predicted debut of somewhere in the $70-80 million range still isn’t great not just by the MCU’s standards, but the mammoth $153 million accrued by its predecessor Captain Marvel back in 2018.

Much like the first installment, The Marvels will have to deal with its fair share of trolls and review-bombers, too, but the latest footage from the upcoming blockbuster is destined to make the blood boil among even those who don’t understand the furor revolving around Brie Larson’s impending return as Carol Danvers.

Instead, anyone with a deep-heated disdain and outright hatred of Crocs will be left dismayed to know that the lead character slips on the ghastly footwear at least once throughout the course of the movie, which is a clear sign that Marvel Studios has gone too far.

It was even pointed out by one eagle-eyed aficionado that’s clearly been following the Academy Award-winning lead’s life and times with keen interest that the Crocs in question appear to have been brought from home by Larson.

Just when you thought the MCU couldn’t possibly sink any lower, a $200 million sequel is allowing its stars to not just bring their own footwear, but wear it onscreen. Alas, the end times are truly night.

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