• Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 introduces Judy Garrick, Jay’s long-lost daughter, and brings a lot of emotional depth to the Flash lore.
  • This family-driven story reunites parents Jay and Joan with their daughter after decades, creating a heartwarming and endearing narrative.
  • With amazing action scenes and a touching drama about parent-child relationships, Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 is a must-read for long-time Flash fans.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Jay Garrick: The Flash #1!The Golden Age speedster is back for an amazing new adventure in Jay Garrick: The Flash #1. The original Fastest Man Alive finally gets the chance to make up for lost time with the reappearance of his long-lost daughter, Judy. Flash’s foray back into fatherhood proves to be both thrilling and heartwarming.

The Flash Family is absolutely packed with the fastest people in the DC Universe, and it all got started with the first Scarlet Speedster Jay Garrick. Though Jay and his wife Joan were assumed to be childless, a shocking revelation from Stargirl: The Lost Children revealed the two had a daughter who had been plucked out of DC’s timeline.

Judy Garrick Boom The Flash

Judy Garrick, aka the Boom, is a speedster like her father. But a villain known as the Childminder stole Judy, along with dozens of other Golden Age sidekicks. Thankfully Stargirl was able to save the lost young heroes, reuniting Judy with her father for the first time in decades.

Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 is a Sweet Tale About Family

Judy Garrick Comes Home DC

In Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 by Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui, Jay brings Judy back home for the first time in years. As Jay and Joan readjust to being parents, Judy starts feeling out of place in such a radically different time. The Boom decides to get back into the swing of things by stopping a nearby bank robbery, only she doesn’t tell her parents, sending Jay and Joan into a brief panic. While Flash lends a hand to Boom, he reminds Judy that she can’t just go running off on her own. But Judy’s response reminds Jay of another person from his past he’s forgotten about: A sinister new villain named Doctor Elemental.

While Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 assumes readers have kept up with the titles under the New Golden Age event (or at least Stargirl: The Lost Children), it’s a very accessible read. Fans dismayed at Adams’ recent departure of the main Flash series will be delighted to hear that this series very much has the same charm, only with Jay’s family driving the story instead of Wally West’s. Olortegui excels in the story’s faster-paced scenes, including the book’s dynamic opening that shows Flash and Boom in action. At its core, Adams and Olortegui’s story is a story with a lot of heart that Flash fans aren’t going to want to miss.

Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 Gives Readers What They Want

Jay Garrick and Judy Flash Boom DC

Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 is a fantastic family-driven story with a lot of emotional depth to it. Fans are going to love Judy’s addition to the Flash lore as she pumps new life into the Golden Age speedster. Between the book’s amazing action scenes to the touching drama about parents reuniting with their daughter, the book offers a lot for long-time Flash fans. It’s a cute, endearing comic book that brings DC Comics’ oldest and newest speedsters together for one of the year’s best debut issues. Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 is on sale now.

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