The spookiest month of the year is finally here, horror fans, and it’s almost time to finalize those all-important Halloween weekend watch schedules. Over recent weeks, streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu have released their upcoming Halloween treats, and it’s safe to say if you’re a fan of all things frightening, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Horror movies, terrifying miniseries, and paranormal documentaries will hit platforms in the coming days – and here at Collider, we have one more gem to add to the list: The Enfield Poltergeist. Quietly marketed by Apple TV+ as “the chilling true story of the world’s most famous poltergeist case”, the show offers a no-holds-barred deep dive into the true haunting that inspired the movie The Conjuring 2. We’ve compiled this helpful guide containing everything we know about the upcoming show. Keep reading to learn everything we know about The Enfield Poltergeist.

When and Where Can You Watch ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’?

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The Enfield Poltergeist will be released globally on streaming giant Apple TV+ on October 27, 2023. We can confirm the show consists of four episodes in total, all of which will be available on the release date mentioned above, making this the perfect spooky miniseries to binge over the Halloween weekend. Apple TV+ is home to a fantastic collection of world-renowned shows as well as some surprisingly underrated gems you might not have seen yet, with monthly plans starting at $6.99.

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What Is ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ About?

Described by Apple TV+ as an “ambitious, genre-bending story”, The Enfield Poltergeist is a factual documentary-slash-dramatized-reconstruction of the real-life paranormal case that gained worldwide attention in the late 1970s and shook even the most experienced paranormal investigators to the core. The case began in 1977 in Enfield, London, and centers on the Hodgson family: single parent Peggy, and her children Janet, Margaret, and Billy. After witnessing furniture move – as well as being approached by her two daughters who claimed they’d heard knocking coming from the walls of their shared bedroom in the dead of night – Peggy made her first report to the police. Throughout the next two years, a startling number of people – both professionals and fellow members of the community alike – would bear witness to this unexplainable and increasingly malicious activity. Some of these witnesses recorded their experiences inside the Enfield home, and The Enfield Poltergeist promises to showcase the frightening excerpts from over 250 hours of audio evidence. The rare audio will play alongside “meticulous [visual] recreation of the setting” and people involved in the case first-hand will provide commentary throughout.

Is There a Trailer for ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’?

Apple TV+ released a trailer for The Enfield Poltergeist on their official YouTube channel on September 26, 2023. The video begins with shots of the infamous semi-detached residence, so faithful to the real-life house of terror that one would be forgiven for thinking the “re-imaginings” were filmed on location. From the outset, it’s clear the filmmakers behind this documentary have approached the case with painstaking precision. Over a montage of 1970s London alongside a sneak peek of visuals from the documentary, the narrator is heard explaining exactly what the audience is in for. As crew members put together the Enfield house set, the narrator explains that everything seen on screen is, of course, a reconstruction… however, every piece of audio heard in these scenes is straight from the archives of the hundreds of hours of footage collected during the actual case. Additionally, the trailer hints that one of the rare photographs from the case – the disturbing picture of the young Janet levitating above her bed – will be discussed, and the people directly involved in Britain’s worst haunting will finally come forward to tell their stories.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’?

Although The Enfield Poltergeist is primarily a documentary, viewers can expect some of the most terrifying scenes from the real-life case reenacted by a cast of performers. Starring as the Hodgson family are Olivia Booth-Ford (The School for Good and Evil) as the possessed Janet, Daniel Lee in his acting debut as younger brother Billy, and Paula Benson (Moody) as their mother Peggy. Joining them is Christos Lawton (The Terror) as Guy Lyon Playfair, a member of the Society for Psychical Research, and Grace Evans (Breaking Point) as Sue Blackmore.

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What Is the Background of ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’?

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As mentioned, The Enfield Poltergeist is a documentary slash reconstruction of the world-famous paranormal case that took place in a semi-detached council house in Enfield, London, from 1977 to 1979. Considering the worldwide reach of the haunting, it should come as no surprise that The Enfield Poltergeist isn’t the first adaptation of its kind. Since the 1970s, the Enfield case has been featured in many documentaries, plays, television series, and even Hollywood movies. Due to paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren visiting the Enfield home in the 1970s, horror fans will recognize the Hodgson family’s story as a staple of The Conjuring Universe, featuring as the main plot in 2016’s The Conjuring 2. A year earlier, a television miniseries titled The Enfield Haunting starring Timothy Spall as Maurice Grosse and Matthew Macfadyen as Guy Playfair hit screens and was met with critical acclaim.

Who Made ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’?

The Enfield Poltergeist is directed by Jerry Rothwell (The Reason I Jump), and produced by Vesna Cudic (Leftover Women), Davis Guggenheim (He Named Me Malala), Chris Jones (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One), Stewart Le Marechal (23 Walks), Al Morrow (The Reason I Jump), Jonny Persey (God’s Own Country), Lindsey Sharp (Missing), Jonathan Silberberg (Once Upon a Time in Londongrad), and Nicole Scott (Time). Music for the series is by Vincent Watts (God’s Own Country).

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More Shows Like ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ That You Can Watch Right Now

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The Enfield Haunting (2015): Starring an impressive cast of British actors, The Enfield Haunting is a television miniseries based on the Hodgson family’s case. Unlike the Apple TV documentary, the series is purely a dramatized recreation and stars Succession‘s Matthew Macfadyen as paranormal investigator Guy Playfair. The Enfield Haunting consists of just three episodes in total, giving you plenty of time to binge before the documentary drops later this month.

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Ghost Adventures (2008 – Present): Easily the most popular paranormal reality show in the United States, Ghost Adventures is led by Zak Bagans and a team of fellow paranormal investigators as they travel the world seeking out the most haunted locations. Throughout its 15-year run, the show has featured many well-known haunts, including a 100-episode special which saw the team visit the house that inspired the horror staple The Exorcist. Season 25 of Ghost Adventures is currently airing on Max.

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The Devil on Trial (2023): The Enfield Poltergeist is not the only documentary featuring a case explored in The Conjuring Universe. The Devil on Trail, which landed on Netflix this October, takes a deep dive into the case that inspired The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. The documentary centers on the real-life murder trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the first man in United States history to claim “demonic possession” as a legal defense.

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