Director Rob Savage reveals the influence that James Wan’s The Conjuring movies had on The Boogeyman and how he designed the scare scenes. James Wan has become one of the most impactful voices in modern horror, launching multiple franchises and consistently creating original movies in the horror genre. Although The Conjuring is not his first franchise, it taps into the stories of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and has been the catalyst for numerous sequels and spin-offs.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Boogeyman Savage reveals how Wan influenced him. He explains why The Conjuring movies are “foundational movies” for him. Savage also praises Wan’s ability to create terrifying scares and the set pieces that help craft them. Check out the full quote below:

Wan has had an immeasurable effect on the horror genre, not only through the movies he has been directly involved in but also by inspiring other directors. Wan has had a hand in multiple horror subgenres, from Saw to M3GAN. Savage looking to The Conjuring for inspiration in how to craft the scare scenes as well as the set pieces makes sense with how he focuses on how the monster impacts the lives of this family.

The Boogeyman leans into the urban legend aspect of the story of this monster while also adding depth through lore. Making the Boogeyman feed on turmoil and tragedy also brings a new layer to the story that opens the door to a more human story. However, balancing this human story with the terrifying monster creeping in the shadows brings the story to life through scares that feel genuine instead of overly staged.

It seems that Savage may have also been inspired by Wan in how he approached the potential expansion of The Boogeyman. He has teased an extensive Boogeyman lore bible and plans for a sequel. While he may have looked at The Conjuring as inspiration for the scare scenes, there could be a deeper connection down the line. Whether Savage is able to bring these plans for a sequel to fruition remains to be seen, but Wan’s influence on his movie could be exactly what is needed to build out a franchise for The Boogeyman.

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