• A fan poster inspired by Marvel’s Avengers vs X-Men imagines the epic battle between both live-action teams in the MCU.
  • The MCU’s upcoming Deadpool 3 may pave the way for a similar crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers.
  • Marvel Studios may bring back more notable X-Men actors in the Multiverse Saga and introduce the MCU’s native mutants in future movies, possibly in Phase 7.



A new fan poster imagines what an Avengers vs X-Men crossover event would look like in the MCU. After more than 33 movies and 9 shows, the MCU still hasn’t introduced mutants officially. Only a couple of Phase 4 and 5 titles have included subtle teases to the MCU’s native mutants, with Ms. Marvel alluding to Kamala Khan’s dormant mutation and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever confirming Namor’s mutant nature. And if X-Men characters from different universes can also be added to the count, then Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool are also some of the MCU’s already introduced mutants.

The idea of a battle between the MCU Avengers and the multiversal X-Men mutants is very popular. On Instagram, digital artist ArtOfTimeTravel published a fan poster inspired by the Avengers vs. X-Men Vol 1 #1 comic book cover, which features both teams facing each other, ready for battle. Apart from established mutants in previous Fox’s X-Men universe movies such as James Marsden’s Cyclops and even Anya Taylor-Joy’s Magik from New Mutants, the fan poster also includes the MCU’s Namor, who could easily side with his fellow mutants, as well as Channing Tatum’s Gambit, whose X-Men movie got canceled before he could appear on screen. See the fan poster below:

In September 2023, Marvel Studios’ search for MCU X-Men movie writers suggested that the franchise will soon start moving towards the mutants’ introduction. With the Multiverse Saga already in motion, it’s possible that the studio will wait until Avengers: Secret Wars provides the Multiverse Saga with a definitive conclusion to prioritize mutants. Phase 7 could finally focus on MCU mutants then, and the MCU’s next saga could build up to an event similar to Marvel Comics’ Avengers vs. X-Men.

What We Know About The X-Men’s MCU Introduction

Fox's X-Men and the MCU's Avengers Large

Fortunately, Marvel fans won’t have to wait until Phase 7 to see X-Men in the MCU. The MCU’s lack of mutant-focused movies is about to change with one of the MCU’s upcoming movies: Phase 5’s Deadpool 3, which is set to bring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine into the same universe as the Avengers. While they come from a different reality, Deadpool and Wolverine are the trailblazers for an eventual crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers. And if they bring more mutants from Fox’s X-Men universe along with them, the chance of a big crossover becomes more likely, at least as part of a large multiversal team in Avengers: Secret Wars.

It makes sense for Marvel Studios to bring back X-Men actors who stood out in Fox’s movies, as well as those who didn’t get a chance to shine. It’s even possible for some of them to stay in the MCU a little longer after the Multiverse Saga ends, perhaps joining the MCU’s new X-Men team in mentor roles. However, Marvel Studios’ first official X-Men movie will likely focus entirely on the MCU’s native mutants, as they seem like the ideal protagonists for a saga all of their own. Regardless of whether the first MCU title to follow mutants is an X-Men movie, a solo mutant title, or a different mutant team debut, production will likely begin only after the MCU’s current overarching storyline has reached a climax.

Now that Disney owns the full rights to the X-Men, the MCU’s new version of Marvel’s mutants can now debut without many of the logistical limitations Fox had to endure. For instance, the MCU’s X-Men will be able to face antagonists who aren’t strictly known for being X-Men villains in the comics. Interactions between mutants and a wide variety of Marvel characters, like a battle between Rogue and Captain Marvel or Beast and Wolverine joining the Avengers, will also be possible. And most notably, live-action adaptations of big crossover events like Avengers vs. X-Men or House of M will be able to feature all kinds of characters, including X-Men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other MCU teams and characters.

Source: ArtOfTimeTravel / Instagram

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