Cointelegraph’s podcast The Agenda first launched back in December 2022, with the first episode exploring the ways crypto can help sex workers bypass bank censorship. Since then, the show has explored myriad topics, ranging from hacktivism and blockchain-powered mutual aid to the ways blockchain can be used to fight climate change and combat artificial intelligence misinformation.

On Oct. 4, The Agenda released its 20th episode — and to celebrate, co-hosts Jonathan DeYoung and Ray Salmond decided to interview each other to learn more about one another’s experience hosting the podcast, their blockchain journeys, their predictions for the future of Bitcoin (BTC), and more.

Takeaways and lessons learned

To kick things off, DeYoung asked Salmond if he had learned anything new from hosting The Agenda. Salmond shared that from an investment standpoint, the show emphasizes the importance of focusing less on short-term token prices and more on a project’s long-term fundamentals — aka, “adjusting one’s horizons.”

“I think what a lot of these builders and founders and projects demonstrate to us on the podcast is that their primary concern is not the token price,” Salmond said. “And for people that support the project, perhaps they should look beyond the token price too and see what sort of progress the project is making in its mission statement.”

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In return, Salmond asked DeYoung what first got him hooked on blockchain technology. DeYoung shared that after starting at Cointelegraph, he realized that the significance of decentralization of crypto was a broader extension of the principles he learned to be true while working in the area of community disaster resilience.