• Pop stars like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo could seamlessly fit into the MCU as Marvel characters, showcasing their acting skills and cultural relevance.
  • Casting pop stars in cameo roles as Marvel characters would not be immersion-breaking and could add an extra layer of fan-service to the films.
  • Musicians like Tom Waits and Björk have the unique qualities and talent to bring cosmic and mystical Marvel characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to their roles.



With rumors swirling around Taylor Swift’s possible involvement in Deadpool 3, and Harry Styles’ surprise appearance as Starfox in the post-credits scene of Eternals, it seems that pop stars have started to invade the MCU – and more could be on their way. Pop Stars appearing in movies is nothing new, with Elvis Presley being among the most famous early examples of singers turned actors. Nowadays, it isn’t all that surprising to see a celebrity known for their musical prowess pop up in a feature-length movie – especially as a cameo.

As the MCU continues to grow exponentially, so will its cast. Short of being immersion-breaking, the wealth of different characters in the MCU can facilitate a portrayal by a whole host of performers whose career path originated in the music industry. While Marvel should probably steer clear of casting musicians in lead roles, there are a mountain of Marvel characters whom musicians could portray as cameos. Then again, there are the multitalented pop stars who have repeatedly proven that they are more than worthy to rub shoulders with the acting greats. Either way, these are the Marvel characters that some pop stars would be perfect for.

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9 Taylor Swift As Dazzler (Alison Blaire)

Mutant hero Dazzler in Marvel Comics

The rumors surrounding Taylor Swift’s involvement in Deadpool 3 have reached a fever pitch, with Director Shawn Levy refusing to confirm nor deny only serving to stoke the flames. Given that Deadpool 3 is the perfect place to include Swift in the role as it seems to be gearing up to be laden with fan-service, the rumors hold more weight than ever. The truth, however, is that Taylor Swift would fit the Marvel role perfectly.

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Physical resemblance aside, as a persona it’s hard to imagine many people that could embody Alison Blaire better than Taylor Swift. Being cast in the role would lend a subtextual gravity to the extent of Dazzler’s fame and skill in performance. Appearing in Deadpool 3, in particular, is a noncommittal appearance given that Fox’s X-Men aren’t likely to reappear in the MCU, which means Kevin Feige is clear to direct the Dazzler movie he always wanted without feeling locked in to Swift.

8 Olivia Rodrigo As Screwball

Screwball Insomniac's Spider-Man

Olivia Rodrigo is a modern pop idol whose roots in Disney have afforded her acting experience as a particularly zany and lighthearted character – and could help her score a role in Disney’s MCU as a result. Screwball is a Spider-Man villain out of left-field whose main modus operandi is being an incredibly popular influencer to nefarious effect. Rodrigo’s youthful energy and cultural prominence could make her a natural fit for Screwball should Marvel find a place for this unusual Spider-Man villain in the MCU.

7 Tom Waits As The Stranger

The Stranger

The Stranger is a being with cosmic powers akin to that of Celestials and Galactus, with an entire planet on which he conducts scientific experiments. Like most cosmic entities in Marvel, the Stranger is a largely neutral figure, though he has been known to lend aid to Marvel’s heroes on multiple occasions. Either way, his lonely cosmic existence, formidable power, and immense knowledge of the universe could be capably played by the quirky, gruff-voiced Tom Waits, whose distinctive voice and grizzled appearance could easily lend gravitas to the space-dwelling cosmic entity.

6 Björk As Enchantress

Enchantress Marvel 1602

Though Asgard has now been destroyed, with an MCU reboot seemingly en route, the multiverse is quite capable of providing a variant of the Asgardian Amora who, while older, still carries an air of hypnotic mysticism that Björk could easily convey. While Björk agreeing to appear in the MCU is highly unlikely, she could certainly help bring a new spin on a character whose comic book origins often center around her sexuality by presenting a character who relies more on her magical prowess. Björk’s Icelandic nationality would add a genuine authenticity to the role of an Asgardian god, to boot.

5 Luna As Luna Snow (Seol Hee)

Luna Snow in Marvel comics

As far as the possibility of pop stars appearing in the MCU goes, this is a little bit of an open goal. Luna Snow is the K-Pop star of Marvel Comics with ice-based powers that can damage and heal. As a relatively new hero, Luna Snow is yet to establish herself as a Marvel mainstay but already has a large following, which is in no doubt aided by her real-life K-Pop singles. One of these, “Flow,” features the vocals of the real-life pop star Luna, who is herself a musical actress. Casting Luna as her Marvel namesake, should she ever make her way to the big screen, seems like a done deal in this case.

4 Grimes As Spiral (Rita Wayword)

Spiral prepares to attack in X-Men comics.

Throughout her career, Grimes has embodied an otherworldly aesthetic that marries well with the six-armed Spiral. Spiral is a sorceress who has been forced to serve the grotesque media-obsessed Mojo super-villain in a bizarre story arc centered around the consumption of media. Spiral’s magical abilities are deployed through dance, and a cursory look at one of Grimes’ mesmerizing music videos shows how this places Grimes in prime position to convey such an unusual character. Grimes is no stranger to cameos, either, having appeared in the video game Cyberpunk 2077 as chrome-soaked pop star Lizzy Wizzy.

3 Miley Cyrus As Lila Cheney

Lila Cheney in Marvel Comics

As one of the many pop stars who found their feet with Disney, Miley has straddled the line between acting and music her entire career. While Miley’s discography is primarily composed of some of the industry’s biggest pop hits, she has also demonstrated her rock prowess through covers of hits like “Nothing Else Matters” and “Edge of Seventeen” alongside Stevie Nicks herself. For this reason, it isn’t hard to see Miley embody intergalactic rock star Lila Cheney with ease.

Cyrus has appeared in more serious acting roles, such as Ashley O in Black Mirror, so could capably tread the line between lightheartedness and sentimentality for which the MCU has become known. She exudes the charisma and stage presence necessary for a character like Cheney, whose abilities allow her to teleport across the cosmos. How she handles the English accent, however, would be interesting to see.

2 Troye Sivan As Icarus (Jay Guthrie)

Marvel Icarus curled up against a tree.

Troye Sivan is neither new to acting nor new to Marvel movies, having already portrayed a young Wolverine on-screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Given that this was a Fox property at the time, the door is wide open for this worldwide pop superstar to embody another character now he is a little older. With the MCU poised to fully explore mutants – perhaps as the mainstay of the reboot for the foreseeable future – Sivan would be a perfect fit for Jay Guthrie, A.K.A. Icarus.

Not to be confused with Ikaris of the Eternals, Icarus is a mutant with evident similarities to Angel, but with one obvious difference: Jay’s impeccable singing voice. Icarus can produce unimaginable sounds with his vocal cords, hitting ranges beyond human perception and imitating sounds perfectly, sometimes with hypnotic effects. Sivan’s own dulcet tones would lend themselves well to any scene that would see these powers deployed, while his acting credentials suggest that he could even hold a scene for more than a fleeting cameo.

1 Lady Gaga As Emma Frost

x-men emma frost hellfire gala costume

Following her role as Ally in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga has demonstrated just how excellent she is at acting, in addition to being one of the world’s most celebrated pop stars. Her acting ability and natural strength of character make her the perfect fit for Emma Frost, one of the X-Men’s most prominent characters. Aside from being an immensely powerful telepath, Frost is known for carrying an air of authority that has led to embrace many leadership roles – and Gaga’s wealth of experience in working crowds while dressed to the nines is something that could lend itself to the role of Frost’s MCU debut.

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