Stockholm-based Ankra, a cloud infrastructure automation platform, announced that it has raised €1.1M in a pre-seed funding round led by UK-based B2B investor Superseed, alongside industry-leading angel investors.

Ankra says it will use fresh capital for the development of its platform to accommodate a waitlist of clients and the company’s growing operations in the UK market.

The cloud infrastructure company automates cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance in a compliant manner, allowing companies and products to go live in days compared to month-long setups. This initiative aligns with Ankra’s goals to address the challenges of maintaining cloud infrastructure for prominent institutions.

Issues plaguing cloud infrastructure

The glaring complexity of cloud infrastructure only increases as companies expand into the new digital frontier. Developers need to spend hours to maintain the system from system crashes, service slowdowns, and data losses.

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Ankra discovered many instances of this issue when the company cooperated with Ericsson’s 5G projects, Saab’s military-grade infrastructure, Sweden’s FX banking infrastructure, and business scaling at Google. Developers are pressed into maintaining technical issues while neglecting their core programming and app development tasks.

As a result, institutions needlessly drain their resources, especially when the demand in the developer job market exceeds the available supply by ten times.

An example of this issue is the current availability of only 11,000 people in the workforce for site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps jobs in the US. This number is insufficient to fill 125,000 jobs in these specialties, thus reflecting the imbalance of supply and demand of available developers.

Ankra deems this issue problematic, especially in high-compliance industries such as fintech and banking that demand more timeframe and less room for bugs and progressive product iteration.

Revolutionising maintenance of cloud infrastructure

In response, Ankra’s platform changes software development teams’ methods in managing and maintaining their cloud infrastructure. The platform simplifies resource provisioning and allows developers to automatically set up resources they need anywhere and anytime, thus saving hundreds of hours.

Ankra stands out in the market as the only product supporting end-to-end setup and maintenance of a Kubernetes-based infrastructure, allowing developers to manage the entire lifecycle of their application through one single pane of glass.

By relying on Kubernetes, clients may enjoy benefits such as automated and customisable config for their teams. Without needing Terraform or Cloudformation, clients can make profiles available for their teams and import existing clusters in seconds.

The cloud infrastructure company will launch its product to selected customers, including startups and UK high-tier banks in 2024.

Mads Jensen, managing partner at SuperSeed, says, “The team at Ankra are focused on delivering what matters for customers that are deploying complex infrastructure – real productivity enhancement and cost savings. For banks and fintechs, Ankra offers excellent ROI.”

“We look forward to supporting the founders in launching into the UK market and getting commercial traction with London’s world-leading fintech companies,” adds Jensen.

How to succesfully outsource…

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners!

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners! Show Less

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