If you thought being knocked off the summit as the single most-watched series on all of streaming would mark the beginning of the end for Suits‘ dominion over the Nielsen ratings that stretched on for a record-breaking 12 consecutive weeks, then it’s time to think again.

Having finally been dislodged by the return of Netflix’s Virgin River, the USA Network favorite that’s available on both Netflix and Peacock hasn’t wasted any time in returning to number one, ensuring that it’s now spent 13 weeks in total as the top-viewed title available on any platform.

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits
Image via Netflix

It’s easy to see why plans for an offshoot were announced, even if a lot of people were left disappointed that it would be a standalone project set in the Suits universe as opposed to a reboot, revival, or spin-off featuring a popular character, but let’s not forget the last time Aaron Korsh’s legal drama did the latter it only lasted for a single season before being unceremoniously canceled.

For whatever reason, people simply can’t seem to get enough of Suits, and its performance over the last three months and change has been nothing short of remarkable. There’s a degree of irony in streaming services funneling so much money into high-profile original content just to witness a network show that ended four years ago blow every single bit of competition out of the water, but it merely serves to underline that there’s always going to be a place for legacy titles no matter how intense the battles between the major players continue to get.

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