• A hilarious horror-inspired spoof video titled “Slaywatch” replaces the Baywatch cast with slasher film icons like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.
  • The video recreates the classic Baywatch opening credits, with the villains portrayed as lifeguards and even saving Chucky from drowning in the ocean.
  • The mashup highlights the stark contrast between the benign nature of Baywatch and the horror of films like Scream and Halloween, while giving the slasher icons a surprising and amusing new look.



Halloween slasher film icons come together in a Baywatch-inspired spoof. A notoriously schlocky TV series about lifeguards in Los Angeles, Baywatch starred David Hasselhoff and aired for 11 seasons from 1989 to 2001. Baywatch was later adapted into a critically panned 2017 film of the same name which co-starred Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

Now, Baywatch gets a hilarious spoof in a new horror-inspired video. Javi Palmer subs in Hasselhoff and his Baywatch co-stars for horror icons such as Michael Meyers and Ghostface. In a slasher-inspired play-on-words, the video retitles its mocked-up show Slaywatch.

Palmer’s Slaywatch video recreates the classic opening credits to Baywatch. Text on screen reads “Starring Jason Voorhees, Starring Michael Myers, Starring Ghostface, Starring Freddy Krueger, Starring Leatherface” as images of each villain as a lifeguard graces the screen. In one shot, Palmer hilariously has Michael Myers lathering sunscreen on Freddy Krueger. The group of horror icons join together to save the killer doll Chucky from drowning in the ocean.

Imagining A Slasher Version of Baywatch

Halloween H20 Michael Myers with a knife covered in blood

As a show whose biggest purpose was to show young lifeguards at work, Baywatch’s greatest horror was the threat of drowning that loomed on beaches. That is, Baywatch is an aggressively benign series in contrast to the likes of Scream or Halloween. This tonal juxtaposition makes the slasher villain remix all that more of an amusing creation.

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Michael Myers’ emergence from the water, slicking his hair back, is a shot that few Halloween viewers ever expected to see, but a hilarious one nonetheless. When terrorizing Laurie Strode, sex appeal is just about the last thing Michael Myers possesses. In the video, however, the slasher stars are transformed into heartthrobs, giving them a completely distinct look from their original films.

While this mashup is a mere fantasy, the video does make one wonder how Baywatch would look if it were influenced by the likes of Wes Craven or John Carpenter. Certainly, the series would involve far more peril and death if Ghostface took the spotlight away from Mitch Buchannon. Perhaps this version of Baywatch could even twist the slasher-turned-lifeguard’s job descriptions, seeing them as nefarious killers that encourage drowning. Whatever the imagined plot for Slaywatch may be, images of sexy Leatherface and Michael Myers can never be unseen.

Source: Javi Palmer/Instagram

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