How much further do you want to go in the wrong direction?

A side hustle founder checking something on a notepad
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Many side hustles involve massive time commitments. You wake up thirty minutes, or an hour earlier than you’d love, just to put in a few hours.

You sacrifice your lunch hours for self-promotion online or to fire off random tweets about your offering. Same for your commute hours back home.

You squeeze in an hour or two after a tiring day on the job. Worse yet, your weekends, meant for relaxation, are also swallowed up in more biz-dev decisions and more self-promotion.

Talk of increasing the risk of burning yourself out.

These hours quickly add up. And they better be worth it. That’s why it hurts to know you’ve wasted precious time on a side hustle. But you don’t have to wait until the death, when it’s too late.

When you spot these little signs, it may be time to know you’re wasting time on that side hustle.

You keep complaining about something or the other

For many, side hustling won’t be a straight path to the top. Like countless others, you’ll face many challenges by the day. You’ll also battle many disappointments.

But those who know what they want out of their side hustle will endure these challenges and find ways around these setbacks.

Some others will quickly find the loudest mic and start their weekly complaint episodes. And the complaining may never stop. Nor will it solve anything.

If you’re in the latter, it may be time to question whether you’re wasting your time on that side hustle. And really, that may just be a sign you’re wasting your time, as the difficulties will never stop coming.

You’ve still not figured out a strategy several months in

It’s okay to just start that side hustle, even if you’re not 100% ready. You can always get back to the drawing board and tweak things, right? But how long will it take to find your feet, map your journey, and work out that strategy?

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