EIT Manufacturing, established in 2019, has become a nexus of industry giants, top academics, research institutions, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs), including startups and scaleups, across Europe. EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R 2023 initiative aims to assist innovative manufacturing firms to upgrade their offerings from the demonstration stage (Technology Readiness Level – TRL 7) to market-level acceptance (TRL 8-9).

What is the EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R All About?

The EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R 2023 program is open to research teams, SMEs, startups, universities, research and technology organizations, and university-owned research foundations based in EIT RIS-eligible countries (full list here).

This program offers a range of benefits for winning companies, including:

  • Up to €30,000 in financial support to fuel your project
  • Guidance to bring your idea to the market
  • Networking opportunities with potential partners and customers
  • Support in expanding into untapped markets

Applicants need to have an innovative solution addressing manufacturing-related challenges at TRL 7 with a strong potential for financial, environmental, and societal impact. Individual applicants must be prepared to establish a company by the program’s end for product or service commercialization.

Success Stories from the 2021 Edition of EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R

Below are the highlights from the 2021 edition of the Startup Program:

  • 44 applications were received from 14 different EIT RIS-eligible countries
  • 24 teams have further developed their ideas
  • 6 teams of individuals established their startups
  • Near 50 mentoring sessions were organized
  • 10 EVO-R teams received the opportunity to represent themselves at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2021
  • 20 EVO-R teams succeeded in commercializing or being ready for the commercialization activities with their newly or further developed product/service.

What Do the Participants Say?

“With the EVO-R support, we managed to create value from a laboratory prototype, transform it into an industry-ready product and prepare the market launch and the first marketing campaign.”

Tiago Neves – Co-Funder Of Fibersight – Smart Sensing Solutions Unipessoal Lda

“The EVO-R program has been an amazing opportunity which has not only helped us speed up our development time by at least 6 months but has also been a lifeline in this very difficult stage for the company. Through the project, we have been able to precise our idea and refine the next stages of development.”

Marian Todorov – Chief Operating Officer at Tamtech Aero

Timeline of the EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R 2023 Program

The Last Date for submitting applications is 20th September 2023!

  • Call opening: 20th July 2023
  • Call closing: 20th September 2023
  • Eligibility and admissibility check: 25th September 2023
  • Evaluation of applications: 25th September – 16th October 2023
  • Communication of results: 27th October 2023
  • Start of activities: 17th November 2023

Ready to become the next face of rising manufacturing companies in Europe?

Wait no further and apply for the EIT Manufacturing RIS EVO-R 2023 Startup Program today & redefine the future of the European Manufacturing sector!





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