Jawan is produced by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment and distributed by Yash Raj Films internationally. Along with Shah Rukh Khan, the film also stars Deepika Padukone in a special appearance, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, Riddhi Dogra, Sanya Malhotra and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya in supporting roles. The film is Atlee’s first Hindi film and Shah Rukh Khan’s second release this year after All Time Blockbuster Pathaan. Film released on 7th September worldwide in around 10,000 screens.

Shah Rukh has stamped his authority at box office as he has become first actor to deliver 500 cr domestic and 1000 cr worldwide grossers back to back at box office in single year twice. He himself has broken all records of his previous release Pathaan in matter of 7 months!

Jawan Holds Massive Showcasing In 7th Week Despite All New Releases

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan still holds good number of screenings despite being in 7th week. Film should cross 5 cr nett in 7th week too.

SRK’s Jawan Crossed 348 Cr Hindi India And 696 Worldwide Gross In Extended Week One

SRK’s Jawan took a fantastic start on day one morning as expected from advances. Film broke highest ever day one 57 cr net of Pathaan by big margin. Film collected 65.50 cr net in Hindi and 75 cr net all India. Film collected 129.60 cr worldwide gross.

On day two, film remained super solid on day two and surpassed all expectations with 46.23 cr number in Hindi and 53.23 cr all India number including Tamil and Telugu.

But film has taken box office by storm on day three. Film was riot at box office as film crossed day 1 numbers on day 3. Film collected 68.72 cr on day three and all India number of 77.83 cr plus. Today on day 4, film has crossed 71 cr net Hindi and 80 cr all India net on day 4. This is highest ever single day collections for Hindi film.

On Sunday, film collected 71.63 cr net Hindi and 81 cr all India. Film crossed 252.08 cr net Hindi and 286.16 cr all India 4 day weekend. Film also breached 520 crore worldwide gross in 4 day flat.

On day 5 Monday, film has started well and held solid with less than 50% drop that too coming off such big numbers and facing big India Vs Pakistan cricket match. Film collected 32.92 cr net taking all India numbers over 320 cr and Hindi number close to 283 cr. 

On day 6, film dropped and crossed 26.52 cr all India as there was another India’s cricket match. Film crossed 23.83 cr on day 7 all India. Film added another 21.90 cr all India on day 8. 

Film crossed 347.98 cr net domestic in Hindi and 391 cr net All India in extended 1st week. Film crossed 696.67 cr worldwide gross in extended 1st week.

Jawan Crossed 473 Cr Hindi India And 937 Cr Worldwide After Two Weeks 

Jawan crossed 18.10 cr on 2nd Friday followed by massive jump by 66% and collected 30.10 cr net. Film crossed big 34.26 cr on Sunday and thus collected 82.46 cr net. Film collected close to 14.25 cr on 2nd Monday and 14.80 on 2nd Tuesday All India. Film added 9.40 cr net on 2nd Wednesday and 7.95 cr on Thursday All India. 

Film dropped by 64% in 2nd week only which is massive hold in 2nd week. Film has total of 473 cr Hindi domestic and 528 cr net all India after two weeks.

Jawan Drops By 58% Only In 3rd Week With 55 Cr Net 

Film collected 7.61 cr net on 3rd Friday and then film jumped big on 3rd Saturday by 60%. Film collected 11.50 cr net and on Sunday it crossed 14.95 cr net. Film crossed 34 cr net over weekend which is superb total. Film crossed 5.45 cr net on 3rd Monday, 4.86 cr on Tuesday and 4.84 cr on Wednesday. Film was benefitted by buy one and get one ticket free offer and collected 6 cr net all India on Thursday. Film cross 55 cr net in 3rd week which is super hold with only 58% drop from week two.

Jawan Crossed 569 Cr Nett Hindi After 5th Week

Buy one and get one free ticket offer worked for the film as it collected 5.05 cr nett on 4th Friday. Film jumped and collected 8.45 cr nett on 4th Saturday. Film collected 9.28 cr nett on 4th Sunday. On national holiday day 26 film crossed 6.85 cr nett. Film added 2.05 cr nett on 4th Tuesday, 1.95 cr nett on Wednesday, 1.75 cr nett on Thursday and 1.78 cr nett on Thursday. Film crosses 22.78 cr nett over 4th weekend and big 34.53 cr nett week 4!

Film collected 1.50 cr nett on 5th Friday and film jumped by 100% on 5th Saturday with 3 cr nett on cards. Film will cross 7.50 cr nett over 5th weekend. Film will add 3.17 cr nett on weekdays taking its 5th week collections to 9.50 cr nett.

Jawan Crossed 580 Cr Nett Hindi After 6th Week, Collects Highest 6th Week Ever

Film crossed 4.75 cr nett on 6th Friday on national cinema day. Film added 1.51 cr nett and 2.09 cr nett on 6th Saturday and Sunday. Film crossed 8.36 cr nett over weekend and crossed 10.79 cr nett in 6th week which is 11% higher than 5th week and HIGHEST 6th week collection ever. A rare feat! achievement!

Film will cross 581 cr nett in Hindi, 642 cr nett all India and 1147 cr worldwide gross by tomorrow by end of 7th Friday. It will cross for sure 585 cr nett Hindi, 648 cr nett all india all languages and 1160 cr worldwide gross lifetime. Film became highest grosser EVER in Hindi in India beating Pathaan and Gadar 2 in 3 weeks straight.

Shah Rukh Khan inaugurated 400 cr, 500 cr and 600 cr club in same year itself! Mega stardom of King Khan!

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Worldwide Box Office Collection Of Jawan

Following are the all India collections for Jawan:


1st Week: 

Thursday: 65.50 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 9.50 cr 

Friday: 46.23 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 7 cr 

Saturday: 68.75 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 9.11 cr 

Sunday: 71.63 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 8.47 cr

Monday: 30.50 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2.42 cr

Tuesday: 24 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2.52 cr

Wednesday: 21.30 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2.53 cr

Thursday: 20.10 cr Hindi, Tamil +Telugu: 1.80 cr

1st Week All India: 347.98 cr nett (391.33 cr All India)

2nd Week: 

Friday: 18.10 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 1 cr

Saturday: 30.10 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2.20 cr 

Sunday: 34.26 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 3 cr

Monday: 14.25 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 cr

Tuesday: 12.90 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 1.90 cr

Wednesday: 8.60 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.80 cr

Thursday: 7.25 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.70 cr

2nd Week All India: 125.46 cr nett (137.02 cr All India) (64% drop) 

3rd Week:

Friday: 7.10 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.51 cr 

Saturday: 11.50 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.75 cr

Sunday: 13.90 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 1.05 cr 

Monday: 4.90 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.55 cr

Tuesday: 4.40 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.46 cr

Wednesday: 4.45 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.39 cr

Thursday: 5.81 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 0.16 cr 

3rd Week All India: 52.06 cr nett (55.93 cr All India) (58% drop) 

4th Week: 

Friday: 4.90 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 15 lacs 

Saturday: 8.27 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 19 lacs 

Sunday: 9.12 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 26 lacs

Monday: 6.65 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 20 lacs 

Tuesday: 1.95 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 10 lacs

Wednesday: 1.86 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 9 lacs 

Thursday: 1.78 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 8 lacs 

4th Week All India: 34.53 cr nett (35.60 cr All India) (35% drop) 

5th Week:

Friday: 1.25 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 5 lacs 

Saturday: 2.25 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 5 lacs

Sunday: 2.80 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 5 lacs 

Monday: 0.85 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 3 lacs 

Tuesday: 0.80 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 lacs

Wednesday: 0.77 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 lacs

Thursday: 0.75 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 lacs

5th Week All India: 9.47 cr nett (9.71 cr All India) (73% drop)

6th Week: 

Friday: 4.75 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 5 lacs 

Saturday: 1.51 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 3 lacs 

Sunday: 2.09 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 4 lacs

Monday: 0.70 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 3 lacs

Tuesday: 0.60 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 lacs

Wednesday: 0.50 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 2 lacs

Thursday: 0.44 cr Hindi, Tamil + Telugu: 1 lacs

6th Week All India: 10.59 cr nett (10.79 cr All India) (11% jump)

All India: 580.09 cr nett (640.42 cr nett All India)


1st Week: 28.42 Million USD (188.25 cr) ($4.6 Million, $5.5 Million, $6.9 Million, $4.4 Million, $1.9 Million, $1.9 Million, $1.6 Million, $1.3 Million)

2nd Week: $10 Million ($1.9 Million, $3 Million, $2.1 Million, $0.7 Million, $0.8 Million, $0.8 Million, $0.7 Million)

3rd Week: $ 4.9 Million (Weekend$0.9 Million, $1.4 Million, $1 Million, Weekdays: $ 1.6 Million) 

4th Week: $1.28 Million 

5th Week: $1.28 Million

6th Week: $0.42 Million 

Total Overseas: $46.30 Million (383.77 cr)

Worldwide gross: 

1st week: 696.67 cr (129.60 cr, 110.87 cr, 144.22 cr, 136.1 cr, 54.1 cr, 46.23 cr, 38.91 cr, 36.64 cr)

2nd Week: 240.94 cr (38.35 cr, 62.48 cr, 61.18 cr, 25 cr, 23.86 cr, 16.70 cr, 13.37)

3rd Week: 95.60 cr (Weekend: 16.36 cr, 25.11 cr, 25.84 cr, Weekdays: 38.29 cr)

4th Week: 60.06 cr

5th Week: 21.93 cr

6th Weekend: 13.47 cr

Total Worldwide Gross: 1138.64 cr

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