Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #138!Even Robin knows there’s one fighter in Gotham he holds no hope of beating in a fight. The “Gotham War” intensifies as Tim Drake faces off with a hero he can only defeat by cheating.

In Batman #138 by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez, things are going off the rails fast for Batman’s family. Red Hood is missing and, unbeknownst to his allies, has been re-conditioned by Batman to feel intense fear whenever he experiences adrenaline, essentially permanently benching him. Nightwing decides to dig into Bruce’s private systems to investigate Bruce before Dick is stopped by Damian Wayne.

Fortunately for Nightwing, Tim comes to Dick’s aid and begins fighting the younger Boy Wonder to distract him. The two duke it out in the streets of Gotham just as Batman arrives to stop Nightwing from accessing his private files. As Dick and Bruce battle it out far above the ground, the two Robins spar. Damian informs Tim that he doesn’t have a shot at defeating him, something Tim actually agrees with. So he decides to play dirty and shocks Damian, giving Tim enough time to restrain the young hero.

As “Gotham War” has gone on, things have only gotten worse. During Batman’s brief absence from Gotham, Catwoman started a new organization that trained small-time criminals to become elite cat burglars. By focusing on the wealthy, street crime has gone down and Gotham’s biggest villains have begun floundering. However, Batman refuses to allow Selina to go unchecked, reasoning that heroes can’t pick and choose which crimes to stop. Unfortunately, most of the Bat-Family disagrees, thinking that the plan should at least be studied. With only Damian supporting him, Bruce has gone all-in to dismantle Catwoman’s operation, even if it means going up against his family.

Robin’s admission to the younger, more brutal Boy Wonder may not come as a shock. After all, Damian was trained to fight from birth by the world’s greatest assassins. Damian also beat Tim in a fight the first time they met, and that was when the boy was only ten years old. Tim’s greatest strength has always been his mind, not his body. And while he’s no slouch when it comes to fighting, Tim has enough self-awareness to know that he can’t beat Damian directly. But Tim can get creative when battling Damian.

Tim Drake is one of the more clever heroes in the Bat-Family and has a mind nearly as sharp as Batman’s. He might not be able to defeat the younger Robin directly, but he can improvise and find ways to at least stalemate his opponent. Is it underhanded or cheating? Possibly. But it’s really the only way someone like Tim can defeat a great fighter like Damian. The elder Robin might not be able to take down Damian in a fair fight, but Tim is more than capable of beating him, provided he thinks outside the box. Batman #138 is on sale now.

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