• Morty’s character is evolving in Rick and Morty season 7 as he no longer indulges in Rick’s childish antics.
  • This change in Morty’s attitude could result in significant implications for the series, potentially driving Rick to insanity or pushing him toward therapy.
  • The focus of season 7 storylines might shift towards Morty’s return to school and his newfound independence as a young hero, but the show will also reference previous moments, such as the infamous Pickle Rick bit.



While Rick and Morty’s season 7 trailer opens with a nod to an iconic earlier outing, the show also uses this reference to make it clear that Morty has changed alongside Rick. Rick Sanchez has changed considerably since Rick and Morty debuted in 2013. Going back to the pilot episode of the Adult Swim series, it is striking how much more one-dimensional the characterization of the show’s scientific super-genius was. Originally, Rick was a tortured genius who never showed much emotion, instead solving every problem with logic and daring gambits. However, Rick and Morty gradually offered viewers a glimpse behind this uncaring veneer.

In Rick and Morty season 3, it was clear that Rick was hiding some real pain under his feckless attitude. While Rick and Morty season 7 promises to explore this even more than seasons 5 and 6 already did, the show’s trailer also proved that its other title character might undergo some change, too. Morty has always been a simpler character than Rick since, even at his most frustrated and anguished, he is still a child. Rick has seen more of the multiverse than his grandson and has more pain to process, but Rick and Morty’s season 7 trailer proves Morty might grow and change before his grandfather.

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Rick and Morty Season 7 Parodies Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick with two knife arms in Rick and Morty

The Rick and Morty season 7 trailer opens with Rick turning himself into a leg in a scene that recreates the opening moments of Rick and Morty season 3, episode 3, “Pickle Rick.” While a critically acclaimed outing, “Pickle Rick” is also infamous for spawning one of the show’s most overused memes. The Rick and Morty season 7 trailer appears to acknowledge this as the promo opens with Rick triumphantly announcing that he turned himself into a sentient leg, only for Morty to immediately leave the room. Morty’s refusal to revisit the plot of “Pickle Rick” allows Rick and Morty both to mock the meme and to showcase his character growth.

A disillusioned Morty walks out of the room as Rick tries to announce his new sentient leg persona, implying Morty is finally no longer invested in Rick’s childish antics. This scene could come at the beginning of season 7, episode 3, “Air Force Wong,” and might explain how the family got Rick back into therapy. If Morty refuses to indulge in Rick’s wild behavior, then his grandfather might be forced to face his demons sooner. While Rick and Morty’s season 7 Justin Roiland recasting might be the show’s biggest change behind the scenes, the promise that Morty will stop enabling Rick could be a much more substantial change within the show’s universe.

Rick and Morty Season 7’s Leg Rick Gag Promises Change

Bearded Rick talks to Morty in Rick and Morty

If Rick and Morty season 7 follows through on Morty not putting up with Rick’s silliness, this could have huge implications for the series. Rick’s search for Rick Prime could drive him to insanity sooner without his grandson there to enable him, or it might end with him letting go of the past and attending therapy instead of keeping his vendetta alive. Meanwhile, the show’s season 7 storylines could focus on Morty’s return to school if he isn’t accompanying Rick on misadventures. While Rick and Morty season 7 promised dead characters returning from the grave already, Rick and Morty’s young hero gaining independence might be an even more promising prospect.

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