• Big Brother season 26 has not been officially confirmed by CBS, but hints suggest it will be announced a few months before its release.
  • Based on previous release windows, Big Brother season 26 will likely premiere between July and September 2024, possibly in the last week of July or first week of August.
  • The cast for Big Brother season 26 is still unknown, but viewers can expect a mix of new faces and possibly some returning players, similar to previous seasons.



Big Brother will certainly return for season 26, but it will be a while before it airs. The popular reality competition show premiered nearly two decades ago and has become a cultural phenomenon since. It has produced hundreds of episodes and countless memorable moments. Recently, CBS aired Big Brother season 25 in early August 2023. The newest edition started with a bang as the contestants are currently competing for the $750,000 grand prize. It featured a new time travel twist that made it stand apart from the other seasons.

While Big Brother season 25 is great, it isn’t the best the series has produced. Over the last 23 years, the iconic reality TV franchise has dropped a few entertaining seasons that fans still remember. One example is Big Brother season 14, which premiered in 2012. The season was full of iconic moments like Dan Gheesling’s funeral and Willy Hantz’s expulsion. Moreover, the high ratings prove that it is still worth watching. Another memorable season was Big Brother season 4 from 2003, which is still raved about today.

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Big Brother Season 26 News

Big Brother 25 Cast In Living Room

Big Brother is a successful show that hasn’t slowed down in the last 20 years. Instead, the network has consistently updated the show’s format to keep it fresh and relevant. The reality TV show’s success proves that Big Brother season 26 will come out sooner or later. Unfortunately, CBS hasn’t announced the season yet. Instead, they’re focusing on the ongoing season 25 and all the drama it will entail. Still, enough hints prove the season will come.

Is Big Brother Season 26 Confirmed?

CBS hasn’t confirmed Big Brother season 26 just yet. However, fans can expect to hear an announcement a few months before the release. Season 25’s official announcement came in May, three months ahead of its premiere in August. It’s valid to presume the same will happen with season 26. Big Brother Casting has mentioned that the casting is now open. The title on the website reads, “Big Brother is now accepting applications for season 26,” which clearly states the reality TV show is coming.

Big Brother Season 26’s Potential Release Date

Big Brother US Julie Chen and Season 25 Cast

The casting call page doesn’t say much about the Big Brother season 26 release. However, the release window for previous seasons makes it easy to pinpoint an ideal premiere date for the show. Big Brother seasons 23 and 24 came out in July and ended in September. Similarly, season 25 started in August and will likely conclude in October. Therefore, Big Brother season 26 will probably come out between July and September 2024. An ideal window for the show’s release would be the last week of July or the first week of August. In case of a delay, Big Brother season 26 may premiere in early September 2024.

Big Brother Season 26’s Potential Cast

Julie Chen and Big Brother Season 25 Cast in boxes behind her

There’s no news on Big Brother season 26 cast since the casting is still underway. However, viewers can expect to see most new faces as always. Big Brother season 26 should feature between 16-18 house guests. It’s also possible that the show may include some returning players like previous seasons. Big Brother season 7 had 20 potential candidates from earlier seasons, eight of whom entered the show. Big Brother season 22 had 16 returning players because it was an All-Stars season. There’s a small possibility that a few popular house guests may also return to Big Brother season 26.

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