• Season 2 of The Santa Clauses continues Scott’s journey as Santa Claus and his search for a worthy successor, this time coaching his youngest son, Cal.
  • The new season introduces a tech genius named Simon, who becomes the new Santa Claus and threatens to turn Christmas into a daily event.
  • The release date for The Santa Clauses season 2 is November 8, 2023, with new episodes arriving weekly on Disney+ until December 6.



The Santa Clauses season 2 is on the way, bringing Tim Allen’s take on Santa back to Disney+ for another exciting volume. In The Santa Clauses, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) notices that his magic as Santa Claus seems to be waning after 28 years on the job. With Scott deciding to retire, tech genius Simon Choksi (Kal Penn) becomes his hand-picked St. Nick successor, while Scott, his Mrs. Claus, Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell), and their kids, Cal (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick), depart the North Pole.

Simon gets a bit overzealous as the new Santa, believing he can turn Christmas into a daily event and threatening to destroy the joyous holiday for good, while Scott discovers surprising new details about how he became Santa Claus. Season 2 of The Santa Clauses will pick up where the first left off, with Scott now back in his role as Santa Claus and once again looking to ensure the mantle is handed to a worthy successor — this time his youngest son, Cal. With the release date for The Santa Clauses season 2 approaching there’s already much to digest for this highly successful Disney+ holiday season sitcom.

Most Recent The Santa Clauses Season 2 News

The Santa Clauses scene image

The most recent news for The Santa Clauses season 2 came from Disney+ in October 2023, when the first trailer for the next season arrived on YouTube. The trailer for The Santa Clauses season 2 introduced multiple new cast members such as Gabriel Iglesias and Eric Stonestreet as the season’s antagonist Magnus Antas, AKA the Mad Santa. The trailer reveals a season that will see Scott Calvin and his family having to defend their position as the Santa Clauses of the world, as Mad Santa views Scott as “the fraud of the North”. It seems that when the release date for The Santa Clauses season 2 arrives on Disney+ in November, choosing a successor will the the least of Scott Calvin’s worries.

The Santa Clauses Is Renewed For Season 2 On Disney+Scott/Santa sitting at a desk on The Santa Clauses

The Santa Clauses does not overtly tease a second season, and the relatively open-ended conclusion of the show is by design. However, Disney+ renewed The Santa Clauses for season 2 in December 2022, shortly after releasing season 1’s season finale.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Release Date

Santa Clause and his family in The Santa Clauses

The release date for The Santa Clauses season 2 is set for November 8, 2023. The new season of The Santa Clauses will once more be a Disney+ exclusive with no plans for wider distribution or a physical release. The first two episodes will arrive on the premiere date, with new episodes of The Santa Clauses arriving weekly on Wednesdays. With six episodes total, The Santa Clauses season 2 will conclude on December 6.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Cast

Custom image of Tim Allen as Santa juxtaposed with Eric Stonestreet as the Mad Santa in The Santa Clauses.

The cast of The Santa Clauses season 2 will see many names for the first season returning. Tim Allen (Toy Story, Galaxy Quest) reprises his role as Scott Calvin, the character he first portrayed in 1994’s The Santa Clause. Joining Allen once again for The Santa Clauses season 2 are:

  • Elizabeth Mitchell (The Purge: Election Year, Gia) as Mrs. Carol Claus
  • Austin Kane (Henry Danger, Family Reunion) as Calvin Claus
  • Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Tim Allen’s daughter, reprising her debut role as Sandra Claus
  • Devin Bright (The Unicorn, Burden) as Noel
  • Gabriel Iglesias (Coco, Magic Mike) as Kris Kringle
  • Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family, The Secret Life of Pets) as Magnus Antas, the Mad Santa

Additionally, The Santa Clauses season 2 cast will see a variety of recurring and guest stars including Matilda Lawler (Station Eleven) as Betty, Marta Kessler (The Mysterious Benedict Society) as Olga, Liam Kyle (The Fairly Odd Parents) as Gary, Isabella Bennett (Little Angels) as Edie, Sasha Knight (Eurka!) as Crouton, Ruby Jay (Holly Hobbie) as Riley, and Mia Lynn Bagunan (9-1-1: Lone Star) as Pontoon. Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me!) has also been cast in the new season of The Santa Clauses as Le Befana, the Christmas Witch.

The Santa Clauses Season 2’s Story

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The plot of The Santa Clauses season 2 will follow on from the events of the first season. The last time The Santa Clauses was on Disney+, Scott learns he was chosen to become Santa, with Scott’s Santa predecessor wanting to pass the reigns of St. Nick to a human rather than an ethereal being. Scott also manages to show Simon the error of his ways as Santa, with Scott coming out of retirement to be Santa Claus again.

Both of these aspects of The Santa Clauses set up many avenues for season 2, which could include a more in-depth exploration of the 17 Santas who preceded Scott. Season 2 of The Santa Clauses will again be focused on Scott trying to appoint a suitable successor. This time he’ll be coaching Cal, his youngest son. Scott’s eldest, Charlie, has decided that life as Santa Claus really isn’t for him and that he’d rather raise a family instead.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Trailer

Tim Allen looking concerned as Santa in The Santa Clauses

The trailer for The Santa Clauses season 2 arrived on October 18, 2023, and gave viewers a full look at what to expect when Scott Calvin returns in November. The trailer introduced Mad Santa, played by Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet. The promo for the upcoming Disney+ show revealed that Mad Santa was exiled from the North Pole years ago, and that he’s now back to take Scott Calvin’s place. It’s clear the two will have a showdown by the time The Santa Clauses season 2 finale — especially since the trailer went out of its way to showcase Carol’s new weapon, the Santa Blaster.

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