The directors, Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu, make their debut with this film, and it is produced by the Russo Brothers‘ ABGO. Vertical is responsible for the North American distribution rights, and the movie is set for a theatrical release on September 1, 2023. Childhood games often serve as a gateway to carefree enjoyment. But in the upcoming horror flick All Fun and Games, these games become a vortex of literal hell. Featuring some of Netflix’s biggest names, Asa Butterfield and Natalia Dyer, the movie delves into a dark concept where seemingly harmless games like tag, hide and seek, and hangman transform into harrowing experiences. The story unfolds when an innocent gathering takes a sinister twist, as a cursed knife causes the accidental summoning of a demonic force. With their lives at stake, a group of teenagers is left with no choice but to take part in these games and defeat the demon, or die trying.

A Russo Brothers’ ABGO production, All Fun and Games toys with the idea of a twisted, deadly version of games – a concept that has garnered traction within the horror genre. It’s a subset of horror that includes within its ranks a number of great films, including the recent Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, where party attendees engage in a chilling murder-in-the-dark style game, only for the scenario to spiral into a bloody ordeal. On a lighter yet equally dark note, Gatlopp: Hell of a Game offers a comedic twist on the same idea, infusing a Jumanji-like board game with a cursed and sinister essence. All Fun and Games also marks the feature directorial debut of both Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu, with the co-directors also collaborating on the script for this intriguing new film. Here’s everything we know so far about All Fun and Games.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on October 7.

Watch the ‘All Fun and Games’ Trailer

The All Fun and Games trailer unveils a chilling story centered around a group of teenagers who come across a cursed knife. Their seemingly innocuous discovery of the knife sets off a chain of events, inadvertently unleashing a malevolent demon with an insidious agenda. This sinister entity, who possesses the teens one by one, compels them to partake in disturbing and deadly variations of innocent childhood games. Against the backdrop of Salem, a town renowned for its eerie history, the movie hints at a tapestry of untold secrets that have yet to come to light, adding layers of mystery and intrigue to the unfolding horror. A new clip from All Fun and Games was released on August 24, 2023, as well, which you can see in the player below:

When Did ‘All Fun and Games’ Come Out?

All Fun and Games was released on September 1, 2023. The film went straight to video-on-demand so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home. If you’re unsure if All Fun and Games is the movie for you, check out Chase Hutchinson‘s review of the film here.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘All Fun and Games’?

Asa Butterfield takes center stage in All Fun Games, taking on a character that first appears to be quite stern, but later on becomes an unfortunate victim of demonic possession. The actor is also gearing up to reprise his character Otis in Season 4 of Netflix’s Sex Education. Adding to the ensemble is none other than Dyer, acclaimed for her portrayal of Nancy Wheeler in the hit series Stranger Things. Also joining the cast is Laurel Marsden, who recently appeared in Ms. Marvel. Other cast members include Keith David, Annabeth Gish, and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. Keith David boasts a remarkable track record of awards, including four Primetime Emmy victories, and has made his mark across various forms of media, from movies and television shows to video games. Gish is set to appear in the highly-anticipated Netflix miniseries The Fall of the House of Usher. Ainsworth is best known for voicing the lead role in Disney’s 2022 live-action adaptation of Pinocchio.

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What Is ‘All Fun and Games’ About?

Image via Vertical

Below is the official synopsis for All Fun and Games from Vertical:

“The Russo Brothers’ AGBO presents a terrifying tale about a group of Salem teens who discover a cursed knife that unleashes a demon that forces them to play gruesome, deadly versions of childhood games where there can be no winners, only survivors.”

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Who Are The People Behind ‘All Fun and Games’?

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All Fun and Games is helmed by the directorial duo of Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu. Costa is known for his work as an associate producer in Marvel blockbusters, notably Avengers: Endgame. Prior to this project, Celeboglu worked together with Costa on the 2020 short film The Internet Kills. The horror-thriller is a collaborative effort between production companies Anton and AGBO, with Sebastien Raybaud and John Zois from Anton, as well as Kassee Whiting from AGBO, serving as producers. AGBO’s Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, and Angela Russo-Otstot take on executive production duties, while Holly Hubsher represents Anton in an executive producer capacity. Russo-Ostot shared ABGO’s excitement in bringing the project to life saying, “AGBO is proud to use our platform and resources for producing first-time and newer directors over the years, introducing audiences to exciting and untapped visionaries. Ari and Eren’s debut feature film is no exception. We are thrilled to work with Vertical on this release and can’t wait for audiences to be entertained by All Fun and Games.”

The story for All Fun and Games is brought to audiences from the imagination of J.J. Braider, and the screenplay for the film was masterfully crafted through a collaboration between Braider and the movie’s directors. All Fun and Games finds its distribution support from Vertical. Ricardo Diaz (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is credited as the cinematographer of the film.

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