• Season 3 of Wolf Like Me could be the most intense yet as Gary and Mary navigate the challenges of being parents to a werewolf pup.
  • There is no confirmation for season 3 yet, but Peacock may be waiting to see how season 2 performs before making a decision.
  • If season 3 is greenlit, the release date could potentially fall between 2024-2025, based on the timeline between the first two seasons.



Wolf Like Me season 3 will bring the next, and most challenging, chapter in Gary and Mary’s journey yet – being the parents of a werewolf pup. Debuting in 2022 on Peacock, comedy-drama Wolf Like Me follows single father Gary, played by Frozen’s Josh Gad, as he tries to raise his daughter and cope with the loss of his wife. Gary finds himself again when he meets Mary, portrayed by Isla Fisher of Confessions of a Shopaholic fame. While Mary helps Gary reconnect with his daughter and rekindles his romantic flame there’s of course a catch – Mary is a werewolf.

The show has been praised for its genre-bending style of comedy, and while the first season was considered a bit of a slow-burner the Josh Gad and Isla Fisher comedy seemed to have found its footing by the end of season 2. With Mary and Gary now parents and the law possibly on their tails, Wolf Like Me season 3 could be one of the most intense yet for the show if it gets greenlit by Peacock.

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Most Recent Wolf Like Me Season 3 News

Isla Fisher Wolf Like Me

There hasn’t been any news on Wolf Like Me season 3 yet. However, with the second season arriving on Peacock in October 2023, it’s possible that an announcement or update on the next season of the Josh Gad and Isla Fisher werewolf drama could be on the way soon.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Isn’t Confirmed

Mary walks down the street in Wolf Like Me

Peacock hasn’t renewed Wolf Like Me for season 3, at least not yet. However, the second chapter in Gary and Mary’s story didn’t arrive until October 2023. It’s entirely possible that Peacock and owners NBCUniversal want to wait to see how the second season fares before confirming Wolf Like Me season 3.

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Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date Prediction

Trevor leads a therapy session in Wolf Like Me

The release date for Wolf Like Me season 3 hasn’t yet been set by Peacock, as the show has yet to be renewed. However, while season 1 arrived in 2022 and season 2 arrived in 2023, the time between them was closer to two years since the first arrived in January and the second in October. If it’s confirmed then the Wolf Like Me season 3 release date could fall anywhere between 2024-2025 at the earliest.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Cast

Emma looks at her science project in Wolf Like Me

The cast of Wolf Like Me season 3 has yet to be announced, though there’s every expectation it would carry forward the names and faces from the first two seasons. Isla Fisher (Strays, Back to the Outback) would reprise her role as Mary, the advice columnist who also happens to be a werewolf. Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) would also of course return as now-no-longer-single father Gary, with Ariel Donoghue (Crossing Paths, High Life) is expected to be back as his daughter Emma.

The rest of the cast of Wolf Like Me season 3 is a little less easy to predict, although it’s expected that Emma Lung (Crush, Crave) would return as Gary’s sister-in-law Sarah with Anthony Taufa (Down Under, Zombie Bro) playing her partner Ray. Trevor, Emma’s psychiatrist, would also likely be played once again by Alan Dukes (Inhuman Resources, Locusts). Until the plot of the third season becomes clearer, however, it’s entirely speculative.

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Wolf Like Me Season 3 Story

Josh Gad and Emma Lung in Wolf Like Me
Photo: Peacock

The plot of Wolf Like Me season 3 has two key questions to answer after the season 2 conclusion. The first is around Mary and Gary’s baby. Mary was forced to give birth in her Wolf form after her waters broke on the full moon. The baby was also born as a wolf. While raising a werewolf child will of course come with its own challenges for Gary and Mary, there’s still little understanding when it comes to how naturally born werewolves work. The pari are once more in unfamiliar territory, and the challenges they’ll face will of course be central to the third season plot.

The other key cliffhanger that Wolf Like Me season 3 will have to address is whether the cops know Gary and Mary killed would be roadside bandits Jayden and Shane. The second season ended with the police knocking on Gary and Mary’s door, ready with questions and evidence that could expose their part in the death of Jayden and Shane. How the couple will navigate this challenge is impossible to predict, since their only options appear to be going on the run, or Mary explaining that she’s a werewolf. If and when Wolf Like Me season 3 returns on Peacock it could be the start of the most troubling times for Gary and Mary so far.

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