How to write regularly if you have a day job, kids, and moonlight as Batman.

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I listened to Oprah’s interview with JK a while back.

I remember this specific moment:

Oprah asked her if she really finished the final Harry Potter book in a hotel room.

JK said yes.

One day, her kids screamed, the dogs barked, the gardener mowed the lawn, and she had to write.

So she said to herself, you know what, I can throw some money at this problem now.

She went into a beautiful hotel and paid for a room just so she could finish her writing goal for the day. It worked so well that it became a regular thing.

How awesome: you’re writing for a living, making millions, and can afford to go to a fancy hotel any time you want.

Let me bring you back to earth.

Yes, this story is a great example of a day in the life of a full-time writer. Minus the millions.

I quit my job and started making money writing when I was 26.

It was awesome. Sure, there were problems, but life was good.

Then I got married. Had kids. Bought a home with a loan to mow. One day, I found myself in JK Rowling’s shoes.

Of course, mere mortals like us just lock themselves in the bathroom for 10 minutes. Or, if they have a babysitter, they can leave and go to Starbucks.

They’re in their twenties, and they listen to full-time creators, and they think to themselves, “But I have a job!”

Yes, you do have a job. Now. And later, you’ll have kids. Or a sick parent will need help. Or your husband will love your cooking, so you’ll try to cook a bit more.

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