Editor’s Note: The following contains full spoilers for Season 1 of Castlevania: Nocturne.

The Big Picture

  • Alucard’s sudden appearance in the season finale of Castlevania: Nocturne demonstrates his power, raising questions about why he didn’t show up earlier and whether he has interacted with other Belmonts.
  • The fate of the Belmont records is uncertain, as they are trapped underground with no safe way to retrieve them, potentially leaving the knowledge and resources inaccessible.
  • Richter Belmont’s limited knowledge of monster hunting sets him apart from his ancestors, and the show may explore whether this is due to the family’s books being trapped underground.

The gothic world of Netflix’s Castlevania is filled with all sorts of intricate lore and memorable characters for fans of both the shows and video games to explore. Castlevania: Nocturne, the sequel series to the original Castlevania, expands this universe even further. However, as exciting as it is, Season 1 of Nocturne leaves viewers hanging with several significant unanswered questions. Season 2 has already been confirmed, but until then, fans have been speculating about how the world of Castlevania has changed since Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and his friends last saved it.

How Does Alucard Play Into the Story of ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’?

Alucard from Netflix's Castlevania
Image via Netflix

One of the most exciting moments in Nocturne is the sudden arrival of Alucard (James Callis) in the last few minutes of the season finale. Alucard’s surprise appearance saves the main cast from certain death. For the last eight episodes, Drolta Tzuentes (Elarica Johnson) has been built up as the strongest physical threat in Nocturne. Alucard kills her in less than a second, instantly showing the gap in power between the ‘Nocturne’ cast and their original series counterparts. But if Alucard could stop Drolta so easily, why hasn’t he shown up before the eclipse started, or before the Vampire Messiah reached full power? Before his arrival, the main characters try and fail to push the Forgemaster’s machine through a portal to Hell. It’s possible that Alucard snuck through before the portal shut.

Nocturne is primarily based on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood but also shares elements with Symphony of the Night, since both games follow Richter Belmont (David Vincent). That raises another question — has Alucard ever interacted with other prominent figures from the Belmont lineage, as he does in the games? Alucard regularly helps out the Belmonts in a lot of the video games, so it makes sense that he might be doing the same thing in the show’s lore. Perhaps he’s met Juste Belmont, Richter’s grandfather before? Juste is still alive by the season finale, so the writers might reveal more of his past in Season 2.

Will Richter Ever Recover the Belmont Records?

Castlevania Nocturne
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After the dramatic events of the original Castlevania series, many fans are left pondering how the Belmont clan recovered their precious records. In the original series, Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso) teleported Dracula’s Castle on top of the Belmont Keep to trap and defeat him. The Keep holds tons of invaluable knowledge about combating the forces of darkness, along with extremely ancient and powerful weapons. It’s the key factor in turning the tables against Dracula’s army in Season 2 of the original series. In the series finale, Alucard establishes a village around the Keep, preserving its knowledge and resources for the future.

But even if the documents and weapons are safe, it doesn’t mean anyone is able to actually get down there and get them. In fact, the castle is right on top of the staircase leading down into the Keep’s library the last time we see it. There is no real entrance down into the Keep. So it’s possible that all those resources have still been stuck there with no safe way to retrieve them. Trevor himself might be the only way to pass on all the Belmonts’ knowledge – but he’s just one man. Over 300 years have passed between Castlevania and Castlevania: Nocturne, so if all those resources really are still stuck underground, it might just answer the next big question Nocturne raises.

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Why Doesn’t Richter Belmont Know Anything About Monster Hunting?

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One of the more interesting ways Nocturne sets Richter Belmont apart from his ancestors is his very limited knowledge of night creatures. When he first encounters them outside his home, he has no idea what they are. Somehow, Richter casually kills vampires but is confused and inexperienced when these demons attack him. Annette (Jessica Straus) is the first person to ever explain what they are to him. In the original Castlevania, Trevor Belmont easily identifies and destroys an army of them. His first real act as a Belmont is to save Wallachia. He’s so familiar with them that he even gives the townsfolk a quick tutorial on how to prepare holy water and consecrate weapons. One of the most plausible reasons for Richter’s lack of knowledge is that all of his family’s books are still trapped underground. Maybe the show will answer this question in Season 2 — Alucard might help fill in the gaps between the shows now that he’s helping Richter.

What Will Happen to the Morning Star?

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Throughout the Castlevania series, a consecrated whip, a holy weapon sometimes called the Vampire Killer in the games, has been passed down through generations of the Belmont family. The tradition has been kept alive in the Netflix series lore, with Trevor, Juste, Julia and Richter all inheriting the weapon one after the other. But what has happened to another powerful weapon, the Morning Star? Trevor is astonished to find out that it exists, and even more so that his ancestors successfully hid it. Not only that, but this flail is clearly far stronger than the whip. It glows hot when close to vampires, and just by touching them, it can burn them to the point where they explode. Even Dracula is knocked back by it and knows it by name. It can probably turn the tide against the Vampire Messiah to a significant degree, so there has to be a significant reason for its disappearance. Trevor still has it by the end of Castlevania — and if he passed the whip down but not the Morning Star, perhaps there’s more to the story. Maybe it’s being kept hidden once again.

A lot of questions raised in Season 1 of Castlevania: Nocturne will definitely be answered in Season 2, especially regarding where Alucard has been and how the cast of characters plan to stop Sekhmet. Until the next chapter of Nocturne comes to Netflix, though, fans may never know what happened in those three centuries between Trevor and Richter’s lives.

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