Last season, Den of Geek broke down the hidden easter eggs found in the show’s equally charming title animation, but this season, the clues seemed to hold a deeper meaning than merely revealing a key motif in the episode. Keen investigators will notice these tiny visual nuggets may have connected to the identity of the murderer the entire time. And based on the final reveal of who the murderer was, they may have been right!

At first, the footlights may appear to be simply a nod to the fact that this season is much more theatrical and musical than ever before. With Oliver getting his shot at redemption and Charles co-starring in the play, the footlights seem as though they may just be “illuminating” the bright new start of a season which prominently features the stage. But it could also be a subtext regarding the killer. 

Footlights are typically used as soft, ambient light. Without them, the shadows that were cast from the bright overhead lights would be too sharp and dark. Is this the show’s first clue in terms of the killer? It could be someone attempting to soften the darkness that surrounds the show, and protect someone else, much like Loretta (Meryl Streep) admitting to killing Ben in order to protect Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) from being arrested and harassed in episode eight. 

Episode 2: The Blue Flames

While Oliver is preoccupied, Mabel (Selena Gomez) and Charles follow their early lead and team up with Ben’s alleged security guard, Gregg (Adrian Martinez). Turns out, Gregg is perhaps the antithesis of security, as he reveals himself to be an obsessed Ben stalker. He gets the best of Mabel and Charles, tying them up and threatening Charles with a blue torch before thankfully being arrested. Gregg is then charged with the murder of Ben, but Mabel is not convinced.

Yet the title animation for the second episode shows two blue flames, both emanating from the water towers in the skyline. Why two? It has to have more meaning behind it than simple symmetry. Perhaps it is to reveal that the hatred between the murderer and Ben burns with the intensity of a blue-hot flame, maybe the number alludes to two brothers? Or perhaps the number is more significant. Could it be that there is a tandem working together within this season that is ultimately responsible for Ben’s death? 

Only Murders in the Building -- “Sitzprobe” - Episode 308 -- On the day of the show’s most critical rehearsal, the pressure mounts. A familiar official returns to upend the case, Loretta’s complex past threatens to upend all else and Charles must finally sing his number without losing his marbles. Cliff (Wesley Taylor), Donna (Linda Emond) and Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

Episode 3: The Lighthouse

The cityscape in the opening sequence is often used for subtle little Easter eggs, but in episode 3, the creators went a bit brighter. A lighthouse sticks out on the right hand side of the screen, not only due to its luminosity, but the fact the quaint tower is more suitable for the shores of Halifax than the Manhattan skyline.  

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