• Sister Wives season 18 features Christine Brown’s engagement to someone new, showcasing the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s divorce.
  • Janelle and Meri Brown have also left their spiritual marriages, adding to the drama and excitement of the season.
  • The season premiered on August 20, 2023, and the trailer hints at intense conflicts and explosive fights between the cast members.



Sister Wives season 18 is airing, and the season is more dramatic than ever. The show has surpassed fans’ expectations and given real insights into the plural marriage lifestyle. While Kody Brown and his wives had hoped to normalize polygamy, the family crumbled. What are some basic details about the most recent season?

Sister Wives season 17 was dedicated to Kody and Christine Brown’s divorce. Viewers learned in 2021 that the mother of six had decided to leave Flagstaff and move back to Utah. This happened after it became clear that the couple’s issues couldn’t be resolved. Christine’s now engaged to someone else, heavily covered in the new season. Season 17 showed Kody’s life in a tailspin, as he often couldn’t control his emotions. The father of 18 lashed out at Christine and his three remaining wives. Even though Kody was hurting, the patriarch had brought about his downfall alone.

Sister Wives Season 18 Latest News

Christine Brown wearing a blue blouse in Sister Wives season 17 promo

Relationships are in jeopardy as Sister Wives season 18 continues to unfold. Meri revealed recently she would move to Utah, which Robyn saw as an attempt to avoid her problems. Janelle continues to parse through her feelings on leaving Kody, and Christine has been able to help her, but her intentions remain unclear.

It became expected Sister Wives would return to TV after Christine started talking to Kody again, and the hit reality TV series was renewed for another season in April 2023 after Christine confirmed she would return. Christine confirmed her cast member status, revealing she’d begun filming in November 2022.

Before airing season 18, several important plot points occurred within the plural family. Janelle and Meri Brown followed in Christine’s footsteps and left their spiritual marriages. Janelle shared that Kody’s ongoing issues with their older sons caused too much drama within her household, and she ultimately chose to back her children, an attitude she has had a harder time grappling with in season 18.

Meri shared that Kody was the one to have made the final decision about their separation, but she plans on leaving in season 18. Not only are Kody’s alleged separations from Meri and Janelle exciting TV, but the Browns have a multi-year contract. They’re reportedly “not going anywhere,” according to The Sun.

When Did Sister Wives Season 18 Premiere?

Kody wearing suit and tie during Sister Wives season 17 Tell All

Sister Wives was renewed for season 18 in April 2023, and the show premiered on August 20 at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Paedon Brown inadvertently leaked a possible season 18 release date on social media. The source claimed Paedon revealed that Sister Wives season 18 would air in September 2023, but the show returned sooner. It’s unknown when the Sister Wives season 18 finale will air since the number of episodes for the season hasn’t been released.

Sister Wives Season 18’s Cast

sister wives cast shot of Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown standing together in casual clothes

In a November 2022 Instagram post, Christine shared a photo of herself being filmed in her Murray, Utah, home. This snap clarified that the show would return for another season. Christine also mentioned that she would not be leaving Sister Wives, revealing that she’d committed to doing the show until the end. If anyone should come back and tell their story, it’s Christine.

Kody’s reportedly actively looking for a new sister wife to add to his plural family, but this has yet to occur in season 18. Currently, Kody only has Robyn Brown left, and she never wanted to live a monogamous lifestyle. Without a doubt, there’s more than enough drama to fill Sister Wives season 18.

Sister Wives Season 18 Trailer

The trailer for Sister Wives season 18 dropped on YouTube in late July 2023 alongside the release date of August 20. In the preview, Janelle, Christine, and Meri are grappling with the disintegration of their relationship with Kody. In a heated discussion, Robyn is told “she can have him” about Kody. Robyn was also seen grappling with the fallout of her plural family, expressing her grief over the loss of their bond. The Sister Wives season 18 trailer ended with an explosive fight between Kody and Janelle, indicative of future drama.

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