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My name is Mohit and I am in my Senior year, doing a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. I need Help or assistance with my Final Year Project or Capstone.

After researching, I have decided to go along with the idea of Intent-based networking IBN. I need help with deciding the input format of the Intent-based networking. I listed the following formats for inputting the intent and I need help in finalizing one which can be done within a 6-8 month time frame. I am attaching my project proposal and project pitch with this post, so that you may reference those. In addition to that, I am also attaching the IEEE survey paper, from which I have gathered these intent methods:

 1. Template-based/GUI approach
 2. NLP-based approach
      Simpler models
      Neural Network-based models
      State of the Art transformer models
3. IBN-specific Languages: 
      NEMO (abbreviation for Network Modeling)
      LAI (Language for ACL Intents by Alibaba)
      USDL (Unified Service Description Language). It is also known as USDL or linked-USDL)

4. RDF (Resource-Descriptive Framework Language): SPARQL

5. Intent expression using API ( This method involves the ONOS SDN controller)
    SDN controllers include Ryu
    OSDF (Open Software Defined Framework)
    Using REST APIs in JSON format
    Using programming languages such as SCALA
6. Grammer or textual-based processing of the Intent

7. XML based approach

This is my a Higher-level description of what I intent to build

I would need help finalizing the input format. In addition to that I would also need help in some steps, however, I would initially need to have a formatted input, the format of which I am trying to finalize, so that I can start the work on the tool and its user interface. The scope of this project is simple initially but I have plans to scale it. Anything relating to these terminologies / intent-reading methods in networks/ Intent-based Networks would be greatly helpful. I am willing to share my pitch/proposal and other things son email and I am also willing to virtually meet any expert if required/possible.

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