Netflix Games’ catalog so far consists of mobile games and indie titles like Kentucky Route Zero, Oxenfree, and Spiritfarer. However, the company hopes to expand its catalog to include AAA games that players can stream to their TVs or PCs. In addition to original games, Netflix is reportedly looking into adding Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise to the platform.

Grand Theft Auto may come to Netflix

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix “has discussed plans to release a game within the popular action-adventure series “Grand Theft Auto” from Take-Two Interactive Software through a licensing deal.” Some read this as Netflix is seeking to make its own GTA game. The platform already has a licensed Tomb Raider mobile game, so that might not be impossible. However, it appears that Netflix simply wants to bring one of Rockstar’s games to the platform.

It’s unclear which game or games Netflix is looking at, but the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 seems likely. While officially unannounced, the game is an open secret thanks to multiple leaks. This included video and screenshots of an early build of GTA 6 and info on its two playable characters. It would be a big opportunity for Netflix to have the next GTA game launch on its platform.

Alternatively, Netflix could be looking into the more established Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online. While it would mean getting in late in GTA 5’s lifecycle, those games have the benefit of already existing. However, there is little besides speculation at the moment.

Netflix is also working on a first-party AAA game with former executive producer Chacko Sonny. The WSJ report additionally revealed Netflix’s plans to release mobile games based on Squid Game, Extraction, Sherlock Holmes, and Black Mirror.

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