While Eren Yeager’s final Attack on Titan form is arguably one of the most horrifying creatures ever portrayed in a manga, Naruto‘s version of the form was, from an individual perspective, a much scarier vision to behold.

Eren’s final “Doomsday” Titan form was not something he’d planned in advance. Its emergence was likely due to the fact he was decapitated by a shot from Gabi, just before he acquired the power of the Founding Titan from the original Founder Titan – Ymir Fritz.

Accordingly, when the transformation occurred, his head had to be reconnected to his body, and the only way that was possible was for his spine to extend itself from the body and reattach to the head. The form that grew once the head was reattached, therefore, was mostly made from bony outgrowths of the spine that formed a colossal centipede-like structure.

In Naruto, Eren’s centipede-like skeletal form was depicted by Kimimaro, a disciple of Orochimaru. Kimimaro’s ability was inherited from Kaguya Otsutsuki, his clan’s founder, much like Eren inherited his Founding Titan power from Ymir. A few members of Kimimaro’s clan inherited some of Kaguya’s recessive traits and special powers. In Kimimaro’s case, the trait is known as Shikotsumyaku, or the All-Killing Ash Bones. It gives Kimimaro the ability to change and adapt his bone structure and skeleton and use it as an extension of his body. When in use, Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku is similar to Eren’s Doomsday Titan look albeit on a much smaller and personal scale.

Eren’s Doomsday Titan form is horrifying in its size and its all-bone structure. However, it also seems quite fragile – at least when compared to the fearsome line of Wall Titans marching below it. In fact, Eren has to create several titans from his body to defend it from attackers. Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku form, on the other hand, although not as impressive as Eren’s, was scarier as a result of its functionalities. Having complete control of his bones, Kimimaro could increase their size, shape, and length at will. He could also generate projectiles from his bone matter and shoot them at opponents from any part of his body. His powers were not only offensive: Kimiaro could instantly have his bones form a shield to parry a strike, then just as quickly, have the bone shield turn into a bed of bone spikes to impale his opponent’s hand or foot.

Although visually impressive, the truly horrifying aspect of Eren’s Doomsday Titan form came from its abilities, namely the control of all Titans. Similarly, Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku form was scary because of its deadly potential. While visually less terrifying than Attack on Titan‘s Eren Yager’s Doomsday form, the Naruto version was equally dangerous and, from the perspective of those who fought against it, equally scary.

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