Monsta X member Hyungwon announced his military enlistment on Friday, October 20, 2023. He posted a handwritten letter on the official Monsta X fan cafe, announcing that he would be enlisting on November 14, 2023. It is definitely a sad day for MONBEBE as they brace themselves for his enlistment.

He becomes the fifth member of the boy band to enlist. Shownu has already been discharged from the military, while Minhyuk, Joohoney and Kihyun are currently serving in the military. I.M. is yet to enlist. Monsta X’s agency Starship Entertainment also announced Hyungwon’s military enlistment.

The company has confirmed to not hold any separate event or ceremony for the member to avoid any form of chaos that might disrupt his enlistment. In an official statement, they said, “He will diligently carry out his duty, and come back healthily. We ask for your warm encouragement and care for him. Thank you.”

Monsta X’s Hyungwon pens a heartfelt letter to announce military enlistment

Hyungwon took to Monsta X’s fan cafe to make the announcement, stating that this specific message brought out the most “peculiar feeling” out of all the messages he’d written so far.

He said, “I’ll be enlisting on November 14. Maybe it’s because I’ve been mentally preparing as I watched the members go through their own enlistments, but instead of regret, I feel a sense of relief. I think I’m more concerned about MONBEBE than I am about myself.”

Hyungwon promised to return as “a strong and dependable person who can face the harsh wind that comes MONBEBE’s way.” He expressed his gratitude to his fandom, MONBEBE, who he expressed, nurtured him so much that he said, “I have now become someone who can healthily and confidently handle this temporary separation, so I truly want to thank you for that. Thank you so much, and I love you all.”

He also asked MONBEBES to not fall sick and to keep being healthy so he can return and reciprocate all the love that the fans have given him. He further noted that his discharge day is May 13, a day before the boy band’s official date, making him even more excited to return.

Hyungwon said, “By the way, it turns out my discharge date is May 13. Just thinking about meeting MONBEBE the next day already has me excited. Let’s greet each other with smiles on that day!… I love you, MONBEBE!”

Wishing Hyungwon all the luck and good health for his military service!


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