Radiant Spells are one of the three types of spells available in Lords of the Fallen. These spells deal holy damage, heal yourself and your allies, and provide important buffs and defenses. They are the go-to spells for Paladin builds. There are 20 Radiant Spells found throughout Lords of the Fallen.



There are two ways to collect spells in Lords of the Fallen. The first is by purchasing spells from Merchants. You can buy some Radiant Spells from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis, Exacter Dunmire, and Molhu. Other Radiant Spells appear as loot hidden inside chests in the wider world.

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Where To Find All Radiant Spells In Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Hidden Radiant Purifier Class to Unlock by Getting a Specific Ending

Exacter Dunmire moves across the world as you progress through Lords of the Fallen. He will spend most of the game around Skyrest Bridge until you give him the Perception Wisp. He sells three Radiant Spells when you first speak to him as a Merchant: Radiant Flare, Healing Radiance, and Radiant Weapon. He will sell Cleansing Spring after you defeat The Congregator of Flesh. You can get Healing Sigil after fighting the bosses in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Lucent Beam appears after you give him the Umbral Tome. Lastly, Radiant Slash is for sale after you give him Vanguard Barros’ Rosary.

Stomund, meanwhile, is harder to pin down. He starts at Skyrest Bridge but moves to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, then to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. When he gets to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, you can buy four Radiant Spells from him: Invigorating Aura, Barbed Aura, Radiant Orb, and Orius’ Judgment. Make sure to buy what you need from him before giving him the Damaged Standard and Tattered Banner, as he will then move to The Empyrean and die.

The third Merchant offering Radiant Spells in Lords of the Fallen is Molhu, the Umbral High Priest. Molhu’s Radiant Spells only appear after you give him certain Boss Remembrances. The first Boss Remembrance, the Remembrance of Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, unlocks Blessed Reflections. Radiant Guardian shows up in Molhu’s shop once you have the Remembrance of Tancred Master of Castigations and Reinhold the Immured. Finally, the Remembrance of Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel unlocks Briar Storm.

The other Radiant Spells in Lords of the Fallen are scattered around the game. Since Skyrest Bridge is the main hub for the Deathless One, it is a great place to find a few spells. Sanctify is in a chest at the top of a spiral staircase. After your fight with Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, the staircase is past a large gate. Later, you can head to the sleeping quarters past Stomund, where a knight named Eustace lurks. If you destroy the breakable objects behind the bench to his right, you will get the Aura of Tenacity.

You won’t find another Radiant Spell until you get to Fitzroy’s Gorge. When you enter the area after Forsaken Fen, you will climb a slope up to an altar that houses Piercing Light, a decent damage spell with good mana cost. After that, you will need to defeat the Abiding Defenders in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. They will drop a spell called Divine Arms.

The last two Radiant Spells in Lords of the Fallen are in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. First, follow the stairs on the left of the first floor of the courtyard. When you get to a locked gate, use your Umbral Lamp and follow the newly formed bridge on the right. Follow the path, and you will reach an area full of enemies, including a shrine holding the spell Consecrate.

The final Radiant Spell, Lacerating Weapon, can be found after the boss battle with the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk. Head up the stairs to your left until you reach a red room. Lacerating Weapon is on a shrine in the back of the room. With this last Radiant Spell, you can craft a strong Radiant Purifier build in Lords of the Fallen and defeat your enemies with holy power.

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