Having made it clear he’s got no intention of returning to Hollywood, Johnny Depp has been making moves to continue his career through other means.

He won’t condone the idea of playing Jack Sparrow again in a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but he will return to directing more than a quarter of a century after his debut went so badly that he refused to have it released in the United States under any circumstances.

The multi-time Academy Award nominee has also lined up his next feature-length project, too, and it’s… the spin-off to an animated TV series produced in Serbia that boasts 250 five-minute episodes and finds the actor playing an anthropomorphized seabird version of himself called Johnny Puff.

Image via Iervolino Entertainment

That’s right, in the news you’ve been waiting for, Johnny Puff: Secret Mission has started securing distribution deals ahead of its release next year per Deadline, with the titular beaked hero assisting his fellow puffins as they embark on a top-secret assignment to save their village from the nefarious plans of an evil walrus called Otto.

No, this isn’t some fever dream, but an actual movie starring former A-lister and highest-paid star in all of Hollywood Johnny Depp, with Belgrade-based Iervolino Entertainment once more leading the charge from behind the scenes. We’ve got no idea how popular Puffins is, but with 250 installments, it’s not as if the environmentally-conscious show doesn’t have an established back catalogue of content to justify a full-blown movie.

That being said, it’s a million miles away from being close to Depp’s former glories.

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