Pope of Trash and fan of all things filth John Waters says he is beyond getting canceled, which he attributes to his style.

John waters

John Waters has had some pretty outrageous moments on the big screen. From the umbilical cord scene in Female Trouble and the singing anus in Pink Flamingos to the fart-soaked Odorama cards of Polyester and a semen-shooting Johnny Knoxville in A Dirty Shame, he has easily earned the nickname the Pope of Trash. But as far as John Waters figures, he’s immune to being a victim of cancel culture.

Citing his classic 1972 midnight movie Pink Flamingos — you know, the movie where Divine eats fresh dog crap — John Waters told MovieWeb that even 50+ years on, “It’s more politically incorrect than it ever was, but I never get canceled. I think the reason is because I’m not mean-spirited. I make fun of things I love, and I direct a movie, I think, with love for the characters and with love to the audience.”

Such words came ahead of John Water’s three-night celebration at Pennsylvania’s The Mahoning Drive-In, which showcased some of the director’s hits and offered a Q&A session. He also thought the venue and his audience were a perfect fit, saying, “I promise you, people will have lots of good drive-in looks [with] easy access to sexual parts in case you want to have sex at the drive-in, which is definitely part of going to the drive-in!” See? Encouraging sex in cars in a public space and he won’t be canceled for it! Name any other director that could even attempt to get those words out in an interview.

John Waters is having what must be the best, most well-received year of his career. A drive-in weekend tribute is one thing, but to have your work get its own exhibit at one of the world’s premiere film museums and also receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? That’s pretty good for a guy who once had Divine dress as Jackie Kennedy and recreate her husband’s assassination just five years after.

Why do you think John Waters has avoided being canceled? Is it because he’s on the fringe or is there something else to be considered? Give us your take below!

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