Cute animals and gorgeous landscape shots. What more could anyone ask for? National Geographic knows this and is giving audiences exactly what they’ve always wanted. The network has released a trailer for its upcoming docuseries Incredible Animal Journeys, narrated by Jeremy Renner.

Incredible Animal Journeys will give audiences just what the title advertises. All over the world, creatures from the smallest birds to the largest whales embark on amazing journeys. With nothing but their evolutionary instincts to guide them they migrate, hunt, avoid predators, explore, and so much more. With this new series, National Geographic will display an in-depth look at these journeys like never before.

The new trailer gives just a taste of what viewers have to look forward to. No matter what anyone’s favorite animal is, there is sure to be an episode that will be a must-watch. We see penguins, bears, elephants, whales, butterflies, sea turtles, elk, wildebeests, and so much more. But it won’t be all fun and games. As Renner warns in the narration, we’ll follow these incredible animals “through danger and doubt, perils, and perseverance. Through hardships and homecomings.” So keep the box of tissues handy.

incredible animal journeys 2
Image via Hulu

Jeremy Renner Is As Busy As Always

Despite his recent health scares, Renner has kept busy. His critically acclaimed and fan-beloved series Mayor of Kingstown was recently renewed for a Season 3. The series, which hails from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, has been a huge hit for Paramount+

Additionally, Incredible Animal Journeys isn’t even the only docuseries he’s been involved in recently. Earlier this year he had Rennervations on Disney+, where he reimagined and built vehicles. His other recent works include Hawkeye and What If?

Incredible Animal Journeys premieres Nov. 19 on National Geographic and will be available to stream the next day on Disney+ and Hulu. Check out the trailer below:

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