The Big Picture

  • Jared Fields didn’t want to rush into a new relationship, as he had just gotten out of a seven-year-long one.
  • He and Blue took their time getting to know each other outside of the game before committing.
  • Blue, Cirie, and Jared are all targeting Cory, with Blue seeking revenge for being put on the block next to Jared.

Big Brother 25 showed Jared Fields entering the game with the secret that Cirie Fields is his mother. They started making relationships with the other houseguests, and it was clear Jared and Blue Kim were romantically connected. Jared was upset with Blue after the double eviction and mentioned they weren’t in a committed relationship. They made up before his elimination, but he explained why he didn’t ask Blue to be his girlfriend before he left.

Jared Fields Didn’t Want to Jump Into Another Relationship

 Blue Kim lies on top of Jared Fields in a 'Big Brother 25' bed.
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Jared sometimes talked about a woman he had a relationship with on the live feeds at the beginning of the season. He also would give her a shout-out while voting in the CBS episodes. He told Cirie that he hoped to get a letter from her when he won Head of Household. That didn’t happen, and he started flirting more with Blue. So fans wondered if he still was interested in his ex-girlfriend or if he was serious about moving forward with Blue. Jared talked about his complicated love life with the Black Bi Reality podcast.

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“I was really clear and really adamant about expressing to Blue like, ‘Hey, I just got out of a seven-year-long relationship,'” he said. “And it’s tough because at the end of the day after being with someone for seven years even though you guys may not be involved romantically you still have love for that person regardless just as a friend. Getting this platform I wanted to be able to share that platform with her and whatever she got going on.”

He said he told Blue that this was a quick transition for him, but they did fall for each other. “We always discussed kind of just like, ‘Hey, we got to see each other outside of here first to see who we are outside of game players,'” he said. “Because regardless of how much we try to separate personal and game that line is super hard in that house.” The exterminator said they didn’t want to jump into a committed relationship too quickly. “I can definitely see myself in a committed relationship,” he later said. “But you know, like I said I’ll let nature do whatever it does with that. I’m not gonna try to force anything, and I’ll let everybody come into it on their own.”

Blue has adjusted to playing the game with Jared. She is working closely with Cirie and targeting Cory Wurtenberger. After all, Cory put her on the block next to Jared before the house evicted him. Cory and America Lopez are the last showmance remaining in the house. Blue and America had a closer personal relationship but weren’t working together in the game. Their relationship might take a turn for the worse with Blue continuing to try to get her revenge on Cory. Cirie also unsurprisingly wants Cory out of the game. She promised Jared in her goodbye message that she’ll get Cory for him.

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